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The New Wine Game GRAPES Is Available on Amazon Now


Officially launched at the Wine Fest Toronto this summer, the new wine game, GRAPES, has started its journey on Amazon USA and Canada

October 17th – GRAPES is the first wine card game that doesn’t need you to taste wine while playing, but is intended to expand its audience beyond just wine connoisseurs via the playing process. Hence it can be played by all ages, from children to much older people.

Unlike trivia games, GRAPES doesn’t require in-depth wine knowledge. Although, it can help to memorize some useful information about grape varieties and wine regions while playing. 110 cards are divided into several types: red wine from Old World, red wine from New World, white wine from Old World, white from New World and the Special Cards. The players match cards by wine type, country, or grape variety with the goal of getting rid of all of their cards. Special Cards add an adventurous spirit to the game play. 

GRAPES is fun and easy. It’s an ideal pastime for gatherings of family and friends alongside a nice bottle of wine.  Anywhere from 2 to 5 people can play at the same time. Each game session takes from 5 to 20 minutes. 

GRAPES is a new, independent game created by DipWSET Natalia Vremea; a wine professional with 10 years experience in the wine industry. This guarantees an intelligent application of wine related knowledge and logical patterns. Natalia explains that “GRAPES is a tool for introducing new people to wine, particularly in the latest “Gen Z” era, where this generation is renowned for its low interest in alcohol and especially in wine”. 

“The idea of GRAPES was born during lock down. When things were back to normal, it appeared as a solution for parties where you have your wine enthusiast friends excitedly discussing each glass, and one friend who is “not into wine” that feels himself completely detached. GRAPES helps to bring together wine lovers and those who just enjoy a convivial environment because it contains very basic wine information that sticks in the mind of wine novices, as well as some details that provoke interesting conversations among the wine connoisseurs. To my mind, learning while playing is a very efficient way to engage non-wine people and help them to enter the wine world smoothly without any pressure”, explains Natalia. 

GRAPES is a pocket size game for both indoor and outdoor playing. Together with its 24,99 USD cost it makes it an all-season gift to wine lovers, and an attractive Christmas gift option to consider.  

“Deluxe Wine and Spirits” company is the official distributor of GRAPES in the USA.



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