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Ornellaia Announces Launch of the 2020 Vintages of Le Serre Nuove Dell’Ornellaia and Poggio Alle Gazze Dell’Ornellaia


The Mediterranean style of the Bolgheri estate’s genius loci

New York, NY, September 21, 2022 – Ornellaia, the iconic Bolgheri estate, is delighted to present the latest 2020 vintage of Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia Bolgheri DOC Rosso and the elegant white Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia Toscana IGT Bianco, both of which are perfect embodiments of the distinctive Bolgheri wine region.

Le Serre Nuove dell’ Ornellaia, Ornellaia’s second vin, is the most immediate expression of the estate’s style. A precious cuvée of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, this wine is produced with the same passion and attention to detail as Ornellaia. Every vintage is a blend of elegant amiability and Bolgheri-style complexity that is capable of evolving in the bottle for many years to come.

Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia, made predominantly from Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of Vermentino and Verdicchio, owes its elegant Mediterranean style to the special microclimate that distinguishes the estate. This year, the white wine is enhanced by the Ambassadors of Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia project, which pays tribute to the connection with the sea and land of origin.

Axel Heinz, Estate Director of Ornellaia, describes 2020 as an extraordinary vintage of huge potential: “In terms of winemaking, the 2020 vintage will be remembered for its energy, which resulted in the creation of wines of huge potential. Over time, it will be regarded as one of Bolgheri’s greatest vintages such as 2006, 2010 and 2016. The land responded to the conditions, instilling precise traits in each variety. Through a clear vision, patient research into the soil and the best expositions as well as choosing which vines to plant, it has been possible to convey the genius loci of this unique wine region, not only in the ruby red of Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia, but also in the straw yellow of Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia.” 

After a mild and rainy winter, the spring started slowly, protecting the buds from frost. A wet June was followed by a long spell of drought until the end of August. The dry conditions nurtured a slow and even veraison. The changes in temperature between day and night ensured that the grapes could develop all their aromatic potential and the right levels of acidity, while the early harvest and lack of water stress allowed the white grapes to convey all their wonderful hallmark aromas.

On the Ornellaia estate, each variety and parcel is vinified separately in order to guarantee the utmost respect of the different traits of the grape with minimal human intervention. Olga Fusari, the Winemaker at Ornellaia, explains: “Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia 2020, with its deep ruby red hue and purple highlights, fearlessly reveals a clear and generous aromatic expression, marked by ripe red fruit aromas. The wine is soft, rounded and beguiling in the glass, in addition to being full-bodied, showing great balance between the structure, fullness and elegance.” She continues: “With its bright straw yellow hue, Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia 2020 displays a remarkable aromatic intensity: woodland and white flowers, accompanied by white peach, sage and herb notes that are released in the glass. The wine elegantly and boldly fills the palate on tasting, showing the right balance between freshness, acidity and density. The finish is lively, enduring and savoury.” These are wines that display attention to detail, character and terroir.

Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia and Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia are imported exclusively into the U.S. by VINTUS.

About Ornellaia –

The name ORNELLAIA is synonymous with fine winemaking and an authentic expression of the beauty of Tuscany. The estate is situated along the Tuscan coast, a short distance from the medieval town of Bolgheri and its iconic cypress-lined approach. Ornellaia Bolgheri DOC Superiore and Ornellaia Bianco are the estate’s top wines, ensued by the second vin Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia, Le Volte dell’Ornellaia and the white Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia. In just over thirty years (the first vintage of Ornellaia was in 1985), the team’s dedication, together with optimal soil characteristics and microclimate, has resulted in critical acclaim and public success within Italy and internationally. 

About the Ambassadors of Poggio alle Gazze project

The release of the 2020 vintage goes hand in hand with the Ambassadors of Poggio alle Gazze project, which is dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and Italian excellence. Coming from all over Italy and beyond, the ambassadors have been chosen for their creativity and cuisine, designing recipes that pair perfectly with Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia. The chefs involved in this edition are Daniele and Andrea Zazzeri (La Pineta, Marina di Bibbona); Gennaro Esposito (La Torre del Saracino, Vico Equense); Andrea Migliaccio and Salvatore Elefante (Il Riccio, Capri); Emanuele Riccobono (Ristorante Zagara, Sciacca); Pietro d’Agostino (La Capinera, Taormina); Enzo Florio (Da Tuccino, Polignano a Mare); Roberto Gatto (Cip’s Club, Venice); Mimmo Soranno (La Langosteria, Paraggi); and Antonio Colaianni (Ristorante Ornellaia, Zurich). Their dishes and Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia reflect the salinity of the sea, for millennia a witness to the evolution of mankind, and the connection to a land that provides the ancient wisdom of time and patience. 



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