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Third Rendez-Vous from the Three Historic Terroirs Where the Meunier Varietal Gives a Distinctive Identity to the Wine


September 20th – The Rendez-vous range from Billecart-Salmon were born to epitomize an exceptional  terroir and a champagne grape variety, as well as the meticulous art of winemaking. The Rendez-vous N°3 renews the singular identity of a pure Meunier from three  villages: Leuvrigny, Damery and Venteuil. It is the result of a careful selection process  based on the purity of the fruit and the balance of flavors. Its distinctive golden yellow hue, flecked with silver, is a delightful treat for the eyes. The nose bursts with  wonderfully balanced floral sensations, coupled with summery scents of freshly-cut  wheat fields. The sensual textured mouthfeel blossoms into delicious, fruity notes  of white cherry and yellow plums, elevating all your senses. Consider pairing it with a  pâté, with hard, aged cheeses like gouda or parmesan, or at your holiday table—it will  work well with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. 


Launched in 2020 with N°1 Meunier, the range was created following cellar experiments carried out by the House’s Tasting Committee. These wines were bottled  to measure the evolution of certain grape varieties and terroirs. The most remarkable ones were selected and are showcased through this collection. They offer a unique tasting experience in a very limited edition.

See you soon for N°4 !

Available from independent wine merchants.

RRP: $90



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