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Wine Access Launches Season Two of Unfiltered Podcast & Debut Wine Club

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Unfiltered brings together curated wines and VIP guests for a unique listening and tasting experience.

Napa, Calif., September 14, 2022 – Wine Access, the premier online destination for expertly curated wines, has announced its second season of the Unfiltered podcast, expanding further with the retailer’s heavily requested official podcast wine club.

“Following season one, our biggest request from listeners was, ‘How can we find the wines featured in each episode?’” Wine Access Head of Wine and podcast co-host Vanessa Conlin MW said. “We decided to now offer our favorite wines at people’s doorsteps so they can share and discover at the same time.”

With exclusive access to high quality wines at coveted prices, paired with entertaining and educational conversations, the Unfiltered experience now provides its members with the ultimate way of learning about wine: tasting. 

Featuring brand new episodes with celebrity guests and industry experts, Conlin, together with sommelier and wine personality, Amanda McCrossin, offer members an inside look at Napa Valley’s best-kept secrets and discuss what makes certain wines so expensive and others hard to sell. “Listeners will take away a ton of knowledge about wine but not even realize how much they are learning since Amanda and I have so much fun talking about wine together,” Conlin said. “She and I also tend to feature wines we really love to drink ourselves so listeners can be sure the wines in the club are top quality.” Some of those wines include Napa Valley’s best-kept secret: NDA Wines

“While they sell out super fast and consumers have become a little obsessed with getting great deals on these wines, this is also a category of wines that not a lot of people know about,” McCrossin said. “From what they are, how to get them, and how these wines actually come to be, we’re finally pulling back the curtain a bit to dish and spill a little tea.”

The first episode of Unfiltered will be released on Thursday, Sept. 29, featuring everything you need to know about Champagne, including a sub-$40 bottle that “is absolutely dynamite and no one knows about,” according to McCrossin. It’s one of the many unique bottles club members will receive, specifically to enjoy during each educational episode. The following shows will be released every other Thursday, and published on streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

“I’m particularly excited that this season we’re continuing to bring in celebrity guests, but the real focus is diving into some great themes and common questions people have around wine,” McCrossin said. “I also love that we’ve included our ‘hot topics’ section to dish on what’s happening in the wine world, from acquisitions to wineries including San Francisco Bay water in their cuvées.”

The Unfiltered wine club includes four bottles of wine which will be delivered six times a year, with each shipment priced at $120 (shipping included), arriving in time to tune in and taste along with each episode. From defining hard-to-find cult wines to uncorking industry myths, Conlin and McCrossin dig deep into wine’s biggest questions and help Unfiltered wine club members discover their personal tastes while learning from experts in real time. For more information, please visit https://www.wineaccess.com/podcast/ 

About Wine Access

Founded in 1996, Wine Access is the leading online direct-to-consumer wine platform offering the world’s most coveted wines. As one of the earliest adopters of ecommerce and DTC offerings in the digital wine space, Wine Access curates high quality wines from every wine region around the globe, creating more accessible ways to enjoy wine that extend beyond the bottle. Wine Access’ Master of Wine, Master Sommelier, and team of industry experts taste over 20,000 wines a year, offering only those that exceed the expectations defined by their prices. Through Wine Access’ network of family-owned, legendary winemakers, and coveted marquees, customers have access to an inspiring curation of unique and often unattainable wines. To build a deeper understanding and connection to each bottle, every shipment includes original tasting notes, flavor profiles, pairing recommendations, and compelling original stories that capture the authentic personality, passion, and philosophy of the producer. Wine Access also offers a Wine Club membership that unlocks access to rare and highly coveted wine selections from every major wine-growing region around the globe four times a year. In 2021, Wine Access was named the official wine provider of the MICHELIN Guide. To find out more, visit https://www.wineaccess.com/.

  • Avalara
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