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Winegrid Developed a New Solution to Monitor Sparkling Wines Production with Charmat Method


September 8th – The e-charmat is a key solution for sparkling wine and champagne producers, who will now be able to monitor the evolution of pressure in tanks anytime and anywhere. The ability to set customizable alarms for pressure limits on WINEGRID Dashboard allows the winemaker to follow the process with greater safety and helps him to act proactively, in order to reach a consistent perlage and to preserve wine quality.

The new e-charmat is one more solution that will take part in WINEGRID integrated system, which offers a wide range of products for the several stages of the winemaking process, from pressing, fermentation (wineplus and barrelplus), maturation (e-bung), cellar environment (smartcellar) to the second fermentation.

Now WINEGRID completes its set of solutions for the second fermentation process, in which e-aphrom, optimized for bottles, covers the champenoise method and the new e-charmat is designed for charmat method, in tanks.

Other releases

Recently WINEGRID launched an improved version of smartcellar and now it can also help to ensure operators safety during fermentation process.

Besides measuring the environment humidity and temperature throughout the whole winery and thus helping the decision-making regarding the environmental conditions that can affect wine quality, smartcellar has now a new feature that allows the oenologist to monitor the carbon dioxide levels. With this improvement, smartcellar helps to minimise the risk of intoxication when the concentration of carbon dioxide released during the fermentation process reaches dangerous levels to health.


WINEGRID is a trademark of WATGRID SA for the wine industry.
WINEGRID develops and provides a fully integrated, real time remote solution for smart monitoring of the winemaking process. Through its proprietary technology, composed of hardware (sensors), computational platform with Artificial Intelligence engine and visualization platform, WINEGRID provides precise and accurate solutions for monitoring with relevant impact on operational efficiency, as well for driving the vinification precisely as desired.

The technology has already helped to produce hundreds of millions of wine bottles around the world, by monitoring and optimizing winemaking.


WATGRID is a Portuguese company focused on the development of innovative technological solutions for process digitization in any liquid related industries.



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