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The Startup Winechain Raises €6 Millions in Backing from Prestigious Wine Families and a Top Tier WEB3 VC Fund

  • Winechain, the NFT marketplace dedicated to premium wines, has raised €6 millions as of September 1, 2022.  
  • The Rouzaud family (Champagne Roederer) and the Reybier family (Château Cos d’Estournel) have now joined the Moueix (Videlot) and Perrin (Château de Beaucastel) families on the Winechain platform.
  • Resolutely Web 3.0 orientated, Winechain has also received the backing of FABRIC Ventures to accelerate its strategic development. 

September 6th – WINECHAIN, the marketplace for wiNeFTs (the official Winechain name for an NFT) that connects fine wine estates to new generations of wine enthusiasts all around the globe, has today announced that it has raised close to €6 millions. After having initially raised more than a million euro from the international wine community in just 3 weeks back in April, the startup has experienced a sharp uptick in equity participation over the summer. 

This includes the Rouzaud family of Champagne Roederer / Château Pichon-Comtesse and the Reybier family of Château Cos d’Estournel, who now join the Moueix (Videlot) and Perrin (Château de Beaucastel / MIRAVAL) families on Winechain.
Frédéric Rouzaud (CEO, Champagne Louis Roederer) explains: “This investment is an expression of our desire to constantly innovate and encourage innovation. In the vineyard, in the cellar, and in every aspect of our activity, we are in perpetual motion, attentive to the times and practices that are in constant evolution. For us, Winechain is a means of pursuing this approach and of going even further in terms of proximity and dialogue with wine enthusiasts.”

Michel Reybier (Château Cos d’Estournel): “While wine enthusiasts necessarily understand our ties to the natural world, it is nonetheless essential to consider the new technologies supporting our sector, particularly with marketing campaigns targeting the future generations. Our current commitment to blockchain and wiNeFT dynamics is a means of allowing us to prepare for the future using our traditional strengths. The digital tools offered by Winechain will absolutely play a major role in our aim to boost the international reach of our wines.”

In addition to these great wine estates, Winechain has also received the backing of the international venture capital fund, FABRIC Ventures, to accelerate its technological development. 

Max Mersch (Partner, FABRIC Ventures): “Winechain is bringing Web3’s immutable traceability, transparency and accessibility to the wine world, in an effort to open it up to a whole new generation of wine enthusiasts. The wine enthusiast market is expanding at a pace that is rapidly outgrowing supply, and yet wineries are still looking to find ways to connect directly with their end consumers instead of the multiple logistics middlemen currently in place. By creating NFTs for each case of wine straight at the source, wineries will have a transparent data driven view of their customers, will be able to store the wines in perfect conditions while the wine is being traded and will be able to benefit from royalty fees on the entire secondary market. The Winechain team combines all the necessary backgrounds from winemaking at the highest level, to global logistics at Amazon and CMA, and has already started attracting the world’s top wineries to their platform before even launching.”

This Web3 project is yours. Invest now in WINECHAIN by clicking here: invest.winechain.co


Winechain is the first independent NFT platform for fine wine estates. This wine-meets-technology project is designed to create direct links with new generations of wine consumers around the world. The initiative launched in April 2022 by three experts – Xavier Garambois, former head of Amazon Europe, Guillaume Jourdan, CEO of VitaBella in Paris, and Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of the San Francisco Palate Club – is planned to go live towards the end of 2022 with the issue of the first wiNeFT (the official Winechain name for an NFT).


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