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Free Flow Wines Announces 10 Winners at the 9th Annual KEGGY Awards 


Wine on tap programs nationwide are recognized for collectively saving more than 32  million bottles from the landfill with the use of reusable steel kegs to support their wine on  tap programs.  

Sonoma, CA, August 19, 2022 – Free Flow Wines has announced 10 new winners  at the 9th annual KEGGY Awards, recognizing the exceptional impacts these partners have made in reducing waste from the landfill and CO2 emissions. The KEGGY Awards were created in 2014 to recognize winery partners for their commitment to sustainability by choosing reusable stainless-steel kegs – a truly  zero-waste package. Each Free Flow keg holds the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine and will eliminate approximately 1,560 bottles from the landfill over its lifetime. 

As of today, Free Flow Wines and their partners have saved more than 32 million bottles, or 48 million pounds of waste, from the landfills. This is the first year Free Flow has also quantified the emissions impact of packaging wines into reusable steel kegs, compared to traditional glass bottles. Each reusable steel keg will save 2,862 lbs of CO2 emissions over its lifetime, compared to pouring the same wine out of glass bottles. This is the equivalent emissions of driving a gas-powered vehicle coast to coast.  

“With sustainability initiatives at an all-time high and traditional packaging comprising the largest portion a wine’s carbon footprint, we are proud of the impact Free Flow and our partners are making to reduce the unnecessary waste and emissions associated with pouring wines on-premise.” said Clauss.  

This year’s People’s Choice winner, Sixty Vines, is a restaurant concept imagined by FB Society that transports guests to wine country and inspires adventure and discovery with every sip. With six destinations in its collection and growing, each location proudly features up to 60 premium wines on tap and offers the closest “from the barrel” tasting experience possible outside of the vineyard. 


To recognize the bottle waste saved from the landfill 

Saved more than 1,000,000 bottles (1,834,405 lbs CO2 emissions)

  • Prestige Wine Imports 
  • Angeline and Martin Ray Vineyards & Winery 

Saved more than 500,000 bottles (917,179 lbs CO2 emissions)

  • Trinchero Family Estates
  • FreeFlowWines.com // @FreeFlowWines 
  • Treasury Wine Estates 
  • Banfi 

Saved more than 100,000 bottles (183,436 lbs CO2 emissions)

  • Whisper Wines 
  • Kobrand Corporation 
  • Biagio Cru Wines & Spirits 
  • Daou Family Estates 


To recognize an outstanding venue featuring wines on tap 

  • Sixty Vines 

About Free Flow Wines 

Free Flow Wines, the pioneer of premium wine on tap, aims to deliver the freshest, best tasting, most sustainable glass of wine. Free Flow’s keg leasing, filling, logistics and canning services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move to a greener, fresher, better way to serve wine by the glass. Founded in  2009, Free Flow has more than 260 wine brands in keg, from wineries throughout  the world. Premium wines in Free Flow kegs and cans are available at restaurants, hotels, retail stores, sports and entertainment venues nationwide. Free Flow Wines currently has production facilities in Sonoma, California and Bayonne, New Jersey.

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