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Vino Vargas Celebrates the Start of 2022 Harvest 


Harvest of Sparkling Wine Grapes Begins! 

Paso Robles, CA, 8/12/22 – Sparkling wine producer Vino Vargas kicked off its 2022 grape harvest season with  an early morning pick of their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. With a growing season that has been steadily  warm and no threats such as smoke, the quality is exceptional, although the yield was slightly lower than in  prior years. The harvest started at first light and brisk 55-degree weather. 

Sparkling wine grapes are picked earlier than still wine grapes because of the need for acidity and lower sugar.  In most years, this means a harvest that starts three to four weeks earlier than traditional wine grapes. The  sparkling wine harvest is a clear marker of the season’s beginning. “Our growing season has been steady with  no major issues, and 2022 is going to be a great vintage,” said Pedro Vargas, winemaker. 

Sommelier Vicky Vargas ceremoniously marked the event by sabering a bottle of Paso Doble sparkling wine  and sprinkling it over the grapes, and the rest went in glasses for the team to share. “This is such a special time  for us, and we are thankful that nature and our vineyard team got us to this point,” said Vicky. 

The Chardonnay comes from Chris’s vineyard, a block consisting of Chardonnay sparkling wine clone 38. The  Pinot Noir is a sparkling wine clone 73.1 from Hortencia’s vineyard. Both blocks of estate grapes were planted  with the plant material that originated in France at the world-famous Perrier Jouet champagne house and was  initially imported by Mumm of Napa County. The blocks are named in honor of the couple’s late mothers. 

After harvest, whole clusters are deposited in a pneumatic press, and the juice is gently pressed out for about  two hours. The juice then goes into chilled stainless steel tanks to be fermented into base wine, forming the  basis for the traditional methode champenoise production that Vino Vargas uses. 

This year Vino Vargas will produce two new additions to its lineup of sparkling wines. A sparking viognier and  a sparkling red Pinot Noir. This will make a total of five selections available for sparkling wine enthusiasts.  “We’re proud of our San Miguel AVA and happy to show people that amazing sparkling wine can be produced  here,” said Pedro Vargas, winemaker. 

About Vino Vargas and Paso Doble sparkling wine 

Vino Vargas is a boutique winery in San Miguel that produces a collection of white and red wines and  specializes in traditional sparkling wine production. Paso Doble sparkling wine is made in the traditional  method known as Méthode Champenoise and all of the production steps take place at the winery. You can learn  more about the winery and Paso Doble at www.vinovargas.com

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