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Scott Laboratories Announces the Completion of Solar Array Expansion Project


Scott Laboratories Announces Petaluma Headquarters Energy Consumption Is Now 100% Offset With Renewable, Carbon-Free Energy

Petaluma, California, – July 2022 – Scott Laboratories is pleased to announce we now offset over 100% of our energy use from our Petaluma headquarters with renewable and carbon-free energy. 

The first part of this project was completing the addition of solar capacity to the Petaluma facility. Partnering with West Coast Solar, the installation was completed at the end of May, which has maximized our existing system.

In 2016 Scott Labs relocated to 1480 Cader Lane, consolidating operations and expanding warehouse capacity. At the time, the Petaluma facility was built to meet the highest standards of the Bay Area Clean Air District measures, including installing on-site bike shelters and a Petaluma Transit bus stop for commuters. The new construction included ultra-high efficiency HVAC, low water landscaping, 100% LED active use-only lighting, and smart receptacle systems.

The original solar panel array was designed to match the facility’s power usage, offsetting about 90%. Over the last six years, energy consumption has increased as we have grown, added employees, and expanded warehouse space and activity. We also increased the number of on-site electric vehicle stations (now 10) to support our expanding fleet of hybrid company vehicles. This latest solar expansion has helped us return to our 90% solar offset benchmark.

In 2021, the solar panels produced 302,934 kWh. This is equivalent to 42 homes’ electrical use for one year. The expansion will add 132,000 kWh, increasing the equivalent to 60 homes’ electrical use for one year!

The second part of this project was transitioning our grid energy consumption to more sustainable sources. On cloudy or rainy days, the performance of solar panels diminishes and we supplement our solar power with grid electricity. To continue our sustainability efforts when using grid electricity, we have enrolled in Sonoma Clean Power’s EverGreen program, which offsets our grid usage with 100% renewable and locally generated energy. The local power is sourced from Petaluma and Cloverdale Solar and the Geothermal Geysers in Middletown. SCP is the only CA utility company to provide this option.  

With our new solar expansion and our transition to cleaner grid energy, we now offset over 100% of our energy use with renewable and carbon-free energy. Thank you for doing your part for the planet, community, and our business.

About Scott Laboratories

For over 80 years, Scott Labs has been the leading supplier for the North American wine and specialty beverage industry, providing fermentation products, filtration media, equipment, cork and packaging solutions. Scott Labs has been embedded in the wine community since 1933 where their story starts at the University of California, just days prior to the end of Prohibition. Scott Labs’ vision is to provide the best customer experience to the specialty beverage community. Their mission is to advance the long-term success of the specialty beverage community by providing best-in-class products and services. They believe in education, honesty, and doing the right thing. Visit scottlab.com to learn more.

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