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New Winemaker, Same Amazing Wine at Alexana Winery


Dundee Hills, Oregon (July, 2022) – Alexana Winery, Dr. Madaiah Revana’s estate vineyard  and winery tucked along the western edge of the famed Dundee Hills, is excited to announce  the addition of one of the Willamette Valley’s most well-respected winemakers, Tresider Burns. 

Tresider Burns (left), Dr. Madaiah Revana (center), Bryan Weil (right) 

“I feel blessed to have Tresider joining our team and carrying on the legacy of talented and  dedicated winemakers who have developed this unique piece of land at Alexana into one of the  great Pinot Noir Vineyards in the world in less than 20 years”, said Dr. Madaiah Revana,  founder/owner of Alexana. 

Burns brings expansive knowledge and experience from throughout the Willamette Valley (White Rose Estate, Brittan Vineyards, Lemelson) to the highly-acclaimed ‘Revana Vineyard’ at  Alexana. Burns has spent the past three vintages leading winemaking and operations for White  Rose Estate, an ultra-boutique winery just on the other side of the hill. 

Prior to taking the helm at White Rose Estate, Burns worked alongside winemaking icon Robert  Brittan as the associate winemaker for Brittan Vineyards, working with over 20 top vineyard  sites in the Willamette Valley.  

“Tresider’s commitment to creating wines of the highest quality and the continual improvement  of process through thoughtful experimentation and collaboration is the perfect fit for Alexana—a  winery with a reputation for producing wines with intention,” said Brittan. 

Burns will be joining the Alexana team at an exciting time, as Dr. Revana has recently  purchased neighboring ‘Kinney Ranch’ and has begun developing a 45-acre vineyard, nearly  contiguous to the Revana Vineyard at Alexana. 

Tresider Burns will be taking over one of the top Pinot Noir programs in the Valley from current  winemaker, Bryan Weil. 

Dr. Revana also shared that the transition for current winemaker Bryan Weil is something he’s  excited about, “Bryan has been offered an incredible opportunity to become a partner in  developing a new winery nearby. I’m so proud of the winemaker he has become and the  opportunity he has earned.” 

“Bryan cares deeply for our team, we are fortunate to have him agree to continue working  closely with Tresider and the team for the next year as consulting winemaker, a testament to our  partnership and his dedication,” noted Dr. Revana.

“Bryan had a big job when he joined in 2012, following in the footsteps of Alexana’s legendary  founding winemaker, Lynn Penner-Ash. We had just received #17 in Wine Spectator’s TOP 100  Wines of World with the 2010 vintage of our Estate Pinot Noir. Bryan really stepped up and  helped produce incredible wines over the past 10 years {highlighted with the 2018 Alexana  Revana Vineyard’ Estate Pinot Noir earning Top-Ranked Pinot Noir in 2021 Wine Spectator’s  TOP 100 Wines of World}. 

“Finding the right person to take over at Alexana is very important to me, the team, our wine  club members, and the wine community. After getting to know Tresider, we know we’ve added  someone special to our team who can continue to elevate the decades of work from everyone at  Alexana,” stated Dr. Revana.

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