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Verallia Design Awards Unveils the Winners of the 2022 Edition


Verallia France, a subsidiary of the world’s third largest producer and European leader in glass  packaging for beverages and food products, has announced the winners of the 13th Verallia Design Awards. The theme “glass without moderation” around drinks with low or no alcohol, inspired students  and young graduates from design, packaging and fine arts schools. A total of 170 projects were submitted to the jury. 

At the end of the deliberations on May 19th, three projects were selected in the categories ‘still &  sparkling wines’, ‘spirits’ and ‘beers’. One project won a special prize on the theme of sporting events and another one was awarded by Lucile Viaud the patron of this 2022 edition. 

July 18th – Still & sparkling wine category, Mue wins Consumer trends are changing… and why not the packaging of bottles? The creator of Mue, Elise Souchet, has understood this well by imagining a bottle with a second skin effect. Her sense of observation, creativity and intuition are all skills cultivated during her studies at La Cité Scolaire Raymond Loewy de La Souterraine in which enabled her to realize the Mue project. The work done, the quality of the details and the originality of the concept convinced the jury: a bottle that is stripped and then puts on a new skin. The young prize-winner has grown from this competition. She said It forces us to think about our projects in detail but also gives us access to a part of the dream” 

Spirits category, Genever 

A bottle that stands out from other projects because of its simple and original  appearance. Stanislas Raba and Nicolas Mizzon, both graduates of l’Université  de Technologie de Compiègne, have created Genever, thanks to their complicity and imagination. This year, the jury was looking for shapes that would speak for  themselves, be recognizable and identifiable to everyone. The challenge was successful for Genever, which instantly refers to the codes of spirits. 

This competition allowed us to challenge ourselves and taught us the basics of designing a glass object as well as the subtleties of making it” 

Beers category, Samy 

This bottle with its avant-garde shapes was a hit with the jury.  

Samy was developed by Jeanne Bonaimé, a student sensitive to the world of glass and its constraints. Currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in product design and innovation at Bellecour Ecole in Lyon. Samy made its mark with its futuristic look, its practicality, and its name, which refers directly to Sam, “the one who does not drink”. 

The Verallia Design Awards represent a real opportunity for the student from Lyon, who says “the competition allowed me to face the real challenge of carrying out a project in the professional world”

Bottle Cape, the “favorite” of sponsor Lucile Viaud 

Her commitment to the environment and her involvement with students naturally led to  her being appointed patron of the VDA 2022. In her workshop, where she creates her  “geoverrerie” and explores the link between landscape and material, Lucile echoes the  purpose of the European leader in glass packaging. It was Manon Choux’s Bottle Cape that caught the patron’s expert eye. The student at the ESAAB of Nevers has shown  originality and daring in designing a bottle that alludes to beer in its rawest form: hops.  Cones representing hops, amber color: all the codes of beer in one bottle! 

The competition was an interesting experience that allowed me to test my skills and  knowledge of a material that I have never had the opportunity to deal with before.”

I am delighted to be the patron of the Verallia Design Awards, I like to support students and I am keen to share my conception of glass as a material”, explains Lucile Viaud, sponsor of the VDA 2022.

The Special Prize awarded to La Torche 

This year, candidates in this special category had to imagine and design a packaging  for a sporting event. Loïc Pellissier is taking part in the competition for the second  time; this student at Lycée Polyvalent Rive Gauche in Toulouse was particularly  inspired by the theme and came up with La Torche. The octagonal and slender shape of the Torch seduced the jury by referring directly to the world of sport with its torch-like curves. This project was unanimously approved by the jury and stood out  for having met many criteria : innovative, interesting and marketable.

For his second participation, the student proceeded as follows: “I crossed the requirements during the implementation of the container with my own desires and that is how I ended up with La Torche”

A professional competition 

More than a design competition, the Verallia Design Awards represent a real professional springboard. The  support, follow-up and expertise of the players present at the competition enable students to design their project in the best possible conditions. While benefiting from the kindness and informed advice of  professionals in the field. Year after year, the competition has seen the birth of innovative talents and creations, some of which have been described as “success stories”. La Flûte Gothic by Clara Chanteloup and  Maxence de Cock – the 2018 winners’ project – was industrialized and then marketed by Les Domaines Paul Mas. The “Sérac” bottle, which won a prize in 2016, has won over the distributor Maison du Sud – Jeanjean, and is on sale in large and medium-sized retailers throughout France. Professionalism is the key word of this competition, allowing students to launch a project from A to Z until it is marketed. 


At Verallia, our purpose is to re-imagine glass for a sustainable future. We want to redefine how glass is produced, reused and recycled, to make it the world’s most sustainable packaging material. We work in common cause with our customers, suppliers and other partners across the value chain to develop new healthy and sustainable solutions for all.

With around 10,000 people and 32 glass production facilities in 11 countries, we are the  leading European and the third largest producer globally of glass containers for food and  beverages, providing innovative, customized and environmentally friendly solutions to more than 10,000 businesses around the world.

Verallia produced more than 16 billion bottles and jars and achieved revenues of €2.7 billion in 2021.  

For more information: www.verallia.com



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