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Left Coast Estate to Host 5K/10K Trail Race to Support Critical Oak Savanna Restoration Project


June 28th – Rickreall, OR—The seventh annual Run for the Oaks race, hosted by Left Coast Estate, will take place Saturday, August 6, 2022. The event is an important fundraiser for the vineyard’s Oak Savanna Restoration Project.

Founded in 2003, the family ownership of Left Coast Estate was initially captivated by the beauty of the white oak trees on the 500-acre estate. What began as a beautification project, eventually became a critical ecological stewardship program which has positioned Left Coast as a model for future sustainable vineyard development in the Willamette Valley and as a significant contributor to regional biodiversity. 

The significance of the oak savanna is far greater than the magnificent trees themselves. As a keystone species, many plant and animal species depend on the oaks, some of which are endangered. Human development has wiped out 93% of this critical oak habitat, with the popularity of new vineyards development in the Willamette Valley being the most recent contributor to this decimation. As native oak habitats have been removed to make way for wine grapes, the importance of preserving this valuable ecosystem is greater than ever. Taylor Pfaff, family ownership and CEO of Left Coast Estate explains, “We believe that our oak forests add to the biodiversity of the estate and form a significant part of our terroir, thus making better wines that are more representative of this special place. It’s imperative that we consider the wellbeing and health of the entire estate for our long-term sustainability. 

While grants have been essential to financing the early implementation of this work, Left Coast Estate has hosted a trail run each summer since 2016, with all race fees, wine, and food sales from the day, supplementing funds needed for our ongoing oak savanna restoration. Run for the Oaks, created by Christina Aragon, part of Left Coast’s family ownership and an avid runner, is a scenic trail run or walk through the Estate’s 500-acre property. Participants can walk or run a 5K course or run a 10K course. Each year, returning participants can view the benefits of their contribution, surveying majestic oaks as old as 350 years all the way down to saplings. The first race hosted 95 participants, growing increasingly in popularity, with last year’s event attracting more than 350 racers. 

The seventh annual Run for the Oaks will be held Saturday, August 6, beginning at 8 am. This is a family friendly event, with wine, food and live music available after the race. Anyone interested in participating can sign up at RunForTheOaks.com

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