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The Phillips Family, Renowned Napa Valley Grape Growers, Introduce Baker & Hamilton Cabernet Sauvignon

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Baker & Hamilton Cabernet Sauvignon, Photo by Thomas Heinser

(June 27, 2022; Oakville, CA) The Phillips family is excited to introduce Baker & Hamilton, a limited production Cabernet Sauvignon grown and blended from the family’s historic estate vineyard in the Oakville AVA. With a history of growing and farming Cabernet Sauvignon of the highest quality since 1959, the Phillips family focused on creating a structured, balanced and expressive wine to be showcased exclusively at fine restaurants and retailers. The inaugural 2019 vintage of Baker & Hamilton is available now in California through Urban Wine Group at a suggested retail price of $125.

Baker & Hamilton is named after the hardware and agricultural implements company co-founded by third-generation grape grower Bruce Phillips’ great, great grandfather R.M. Hamilton, who emigrated from Scotland to California in 1849 hoping to make his fortune in gold. After striking out in the gold fields, Hamilton and L.L. Baker started selling supplies to miners out of a canvas tent.  The enterprise grew and Baker & Hamilton went on to become one of California’s largest mercantile firms throughout California and beyond.

Over 170 years after Baker & Hamilton’s formation, the Phillips family chose to introduce a dedicated Cabernet Sauvignon bottling that celebrates their family legacy in retail and agriculture. Continuing to farm Cabernet Sauvignon at the family’s Oakville estate using implements from designs manufactured under the Baker & Hamilton brand, the wine is an homage to the family’s early years. To showcase this, the wine’s label comes adorned with images of these farming tools, extracted directly out of Baker & Hamilton’s legendary catalogs.

“Baker & Hamilton is my family’s way of continuing our unwavering commitment to the highest quality, through the sum total of what we grow and make,” says Bruce Phillips. “The wine was created to celebrate the retail and restaurant experience, and the people who make these special places happen.”

To learn more, visit: www.bakerandhamilton.com.

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