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Preferabli CEO to Speak at ‘Act for Change’ Symposium Challenges Facing Wine & Spirits Industry for 2030


Announcing New Software Solutions 

SYRACUSE, NY, (June 20, 2022) Pam Dillon, Co-Founder and CEO of Preferabli, the  leading AI-driven personalization and recommendation software for the wine and spirits  industry, is speaking at the ‘Act for Change’ Symposium in Bordeaux, France, June 20- 21. Dillon is joining industry leaders from around the world to discuss what factors will  influence the wine and spirits business in 2030.  

Preferabli has deep experience with how digitization is affecting the industry and how  AI-driven software is driving commercial activity across the supply chain, particularly in  direct-to-consumer settings. ‘We’re seeing how smart software creates dynamic  consumer experiences in a truly omnichannel way. It’s very exciting’, says Dillon. 

Dillon is announcing new software solutions which help consumers discover new  products, as well as find replacements for out-of-stock products or products not in  inventory. These solutions work in ecommerce settings with minimal integration, and in store via QR code requiring no technical integration. 

Dillon is also addressing sustainability, the theme of the ‘Act for Change’ Symposium, by announcing a partnership with The Sustainable Wine Roundtable, which was set up  to bring about greater collaboration between wine sustainability programs. ‘Preferabli is  committed to making it easier for consumers to make good decisions’, says Dillon. 

Preferabli software can identify producers who are leading thinking in sustainability.  ‘We are delighted to be working alongside Preferabli whose mission is also to help  consumers make the correct wine choice, especially a sustainable one,’ says Tom  Owtram of The Sustainable Wine Roundtable. 

About Preferabli℠ 

Preferabli is the leading AI-driven, B2B2C personalization software for the wine, beer, and spirits industry. Powered by an unrivaled 1:1 preference-based personalization  engine, Preferabli (f/k/a Wine Ring) analyzes digital signal, including consumer ratings  and sales, and makes inventory-based recommendations. All recommendations are  based on individual preferences, not crowdsourcing.

Preferabli software, which has 10 patents, uses a novel form of machine learning and  the most comprehensive database in the industry. Preferabli analyzes each product considering over 700 traits. Preferabli, which has consumer users in over 70 countries,  has access to the taste preferences of tens of millions of consumers and analyzes each  one individually. Preferabli has over a dozen Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers as partners.  

For more information about Preferabli please visit Preferabli.com.

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