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The 50 Great White Wines of the World Winners 2022 by Wine Pleasures


Now in its second year, Wine Pleasures reveals the 50 Great White Wines of the World Awards and results 2022.

June 20th – This year’s competition has seen wines uncorked from several countries around the world including Australia, Croatia, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Moldova, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa and Spain.

A team of 5 expert judges tasted and discussed each flight of wines and Gold medals going only to wines considered genuinely outstanding. While judging is blind, the panel were aware of the grape varieties, region, country, level of sweetness and time in oak if applicable.

Category winners are as follows:

  • Dry (no oak) Winner: Žlahtina Ivan Katunar by Kuća Vina Ivan Katunar (Hrvatsko Primorje Croatia)
  • Dry (< 3 mths oak) Winner: Villa Rosa Reserva 2020 by Adega Cooperativa Cantanhede  (Bairrada, Portugal)
  • Dry (3-6 mths oak) Winner: Castro Claus Chardonnay by Castro Claus (Achaia, Greece)
  • Dry (> 6 mths oak) Winner: Sidewood Mapinga Fume 2020 by Sidewood Estate (Adelaide Hills, Australia)
  • Med-Dy (< 3 mths oak) Winner: MAVRIO Bianco di Negroamaro Puglia IGP (Bataillard, Switzerland)
  • Med-Dy (no oak) Winner: Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2011 by Fautor (Valul lui Traian, Moldova)
  • Sweet Winner: Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2017 by Fautor (Valul lui Traian, Moldova)

Of course there may well be white wines in the world that would score higher than our top 50  – but we cannot judge what we don’t taste. Members of the trade and winelovers use our awards and scores to gauge the level of enthusiasm our panel of judges felt for our top 50 wines, from Silver to Gold. We believe we have a set of great results in 2022.

View the top 50 awards and scores here>>

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