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Symington Family Estates Opens a Restaurant with Michelin-Star Chef Pedro Lemos at Quinta Do Bomfim Celebrating the Douro Kitchen


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 7, 2022 – Symington Family Estates, producers of some of the finest Ports in the world for five generations, in partnership with the Michelin-star chef Pedro Lemos, are pleased to announce the opening of their restaurant, Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos, in the Douro Valley of Portugal at the Symington’s renowned Quinta do Bomfim.  The restaurant opens June 10th.

Inspired by memories and aromas of the wood-fire oven in the family’s kitchen at theQuinta, ‘Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos’ celebrates the heritage of the Douro region withclassic dishes brought together by an exceptional list of Symington family wines. Nestled on the banks of the Douro River next to the village of Pinhão, Quinta do Bomfim has been home to Dow’s Port since 1896 – inspiring the name of the restaurant. The current estate has been formed by five generations of the Symington family, and its vineyards have produced some of the most iconic wines from the region over the last century.

Pedro Lemos revisits traditional recipes to create classic dishes, which are all prepared in wood-fire ovens. The wood is sustainably sourced from a variety of trees, respecting seasonality, and imparting subtle distinctions in the aromas. The menu is based on a meticulous selection of produce, including seafood from the Portuguese coast as well as local meats and vegetables and an extensive wine list, including mature wines, limited Single Harvest Tawny Ports, and rare bottles of Vintage Port from the Symington family’s cellars.

Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos is built on the upper floor of an old wine cellar, with magnificent views of the Douro River. Guests are invited to have a drink at the bar before beingseated either in the main dining room, which is framed by imposing wooden cross beams, or outside on the terrace. The open plan kitchen provides diners with a clear view of all the unfolding activity.

“Quinta do Bomfim is the heart and soul of Dow’s Port and has long been a family home for us in the Douro. Following the success of the pop-up restaurant Casa dos Ecos, we are thrilled tobe partnering with the talented chef Pedro Lemos once again to create a restaurant that celebrates the gastronomy and wines of our region. Inspired by the memories and distinct aromas of the old wood-fire oven at our family’s quinta, Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos aims to recreate this traditional kitchen. We look forward to welcoming guests to experience it.” Johnny Symington, Chairman of Symington Family Estates  

“A restaurant born in the kitchen, Bomfim 1896 is inspired by traditional Douro kitchens with large chimneys around which meals were served each day, and where wood-fired cooking was the central element. The Distinct and unmistakable aromas from the wood-burning stoves is one of the principal features of our restaurant where the kitchen is center stage. In this restaurant, the gastronomy reflects classical cuisine, drawing on traditional recipes — in tandem with some more contemporary approaches. We use the best ingredients from throughout Portugal and beyond: from simple, local produce to the very finest – those traditionally used for special occasions.

Our aim is for visitors to not only enjoy a magnificent meal, but also a memorable experience from the moment you arrive. With exceptional food and wine service, together with cuisine of the highest standard, we want to create a space and experience that is truly unforgettable.” Chef Pedro Lemos

Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos opens on June 10th, 2022

Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

For booking information, visit Bomfim1896.com

Instagram: @Bomfim1896

About Symington Family Estates

The Symingtons of Scottish, English and Portuguese descent have been Port producers in northern Portugal since 1882. For five generations they have combined their passion for producing premium Ports and wines with a deep commitment to the region’s land and people. Today ten Symingtons work across their four famous Port houses – Graham’s, Cockburn’s, Dow’s and Warre’s – as well as their Douro wine projects – Quinta do Vesuvio, Quinta do Ataíde, Altano and Prats & Symington (of Chryseia fame) – and a new venture, Quinta da Fonte Souto in the Alto Alentejo.

Symington Family Estates is a leading premium Port producer and the family is the leading vineyard owners in the Douro Valley, with 26 Quintas covering over 6,000 acres and over 2700 acres of vineyard. Their vineyards are managed under sustainable viticulture practices and 320 acres are organically farmed, the largest area of organic vineyards in the Douro. In 2019 Symington Family Estates became the first winery in Portugal to achieve B Corp certification. Symington Family Estates is unique amongst the major Port companies in that each working family member farms their own vineyard, alongside those under the family’s joint company ownership.

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