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City Hive Inc. Pioneers the Consumerization of B2B with the Launch of New Distributor Platform 

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The innovative tech company with the largest retail network in the alcohol industry has launched a new SaaS solution for distributors with Empire Merchants among the first to launch 

New York, NY, Jun 1, 2022 – City Hive Inc., an omni-channel digital commerce and data platform used by more than 3,000 retailers across over 1,000 cities in 40 states is launching a proprietary business-to-business online platform. This innovative digital solution provides a powerful channel with City Hive’s groundbreaking technology that unlocks speed, efficiency, and transparency which can be utilized by any distributor in the industry. Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North, the premier wine and spirits distributors in New York State, are among the first to use the B2B platform with the launch of empire360.com

Founded in 2016, City Hive has driven the digital revolution in the alcoholic beverage industry. Integrating deeply with their retail partners, City Hive encourages customer ownership for their clients by arming them with powerful tools and actionable data insights so they can build equity in their business. City Hive grew 12X during the pandemic and following their explosive growth with retailers in driving B2C eCommerce, they have now made a strategic move by expanding into B2B. 

“We are thrilled to provide our state of the art technology infrastructure to be utilized by every player within the industry – retailers, suppliers and now distributors. We are enabling true connectivity between the tiers and are powering the future of the industry”, said Roi Kliper, CEO of City Hive. “Countless retailers have availed of City Hive’s cutting edge technology to transform their businesses with scalable solutions and customer ownership. We’re excited to bring this infrastructure and philosophy to B2B”.

City Hive can integrate to any ERP/CRM and distributors using the platform can interact and transact directly with their customers 24/7/365 in their own branded storefront, outside of a marketplace. The platform bridges the divide between on and offline sales by positioning sales reps at the heart of this omni-channel operation and equipping them with data insights, digital assets, sell sheets and powerful CRM tools. For On- and Off-Premise customers, the platform facilitates off-hour ordering, product research, past order history access, and payments. City Hive is on track to launch their Distributor product in more than 30 states by the end of the year.  

About City Hive

City Hive is an omni-channel digital commerce and data SaaS platform for wine, beer and liquor retailers, suppliers and distributors. A single e-commerce solution specializing in the beverage alcohol businesses, City Hive empowers licensed retailers with B2C online ordering, marketing, inventory management and data analytics. Additionally, suppliers can use the platform to maintain marketing efforts and data across City Hive’s retailer network of more than 3,000 beverage alcohol retailers in over 1,000 cities across the U.S. Founded in 2016, City Hive, Inc. is a privately-owned company headquartered in New York City.

About Empire Merchants

Empire Merchants builds on decades of experience covering all of New York State, Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North were formed in February 2007 resulting in two of New York’s premier wine and spirits distributors, with state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of over 2,000 knowledgeable and well-equipped employees, Empire Merchants and Empire Merchants North have become synonymous with both service and quality, earning the loyalty of over 18,000 restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, and retail outlets.

About Parallel 36 

Parallel 36 focuses on marketing and communications providing strategic advice and execution for brands in the beverage alcohol category. A ‘business results’ oriented agency, Parallel 36 integrates business development, trade marketing, and consumer activations expertise with digital marketing, content creation and media relations. Leveraging relationships across the U.S. beverage alcohol industry, Parallel 36 accelerates success of clients. 

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