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Afternoon Brief, May 25th

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What the Wine Industry Gets Wrong About Marketing to Younger Generations
Wine has been looking for ways to reach newly of-age consumers since the 1990s. What will it take to get it right in today’s market?…
M. A. Silva USA
Poisonous, Invasive Black Skeletonizer Moth Discovered in California Vineyard
As larva, their long tufts of poisonous black spines sting and irritate the skin, covering farmers’ hands in angry red welts…
‘We Are All Part of the Same Cycle’: Winemakers Embrace Agroforestry Amid Climate Change
Many vineyards are monocultures, or plots devoted to one crop, and, as such, they face extreme weather conditions and climate change with a limited set of biodiverse levers to pull…
U.S. Wine Imports Reach Nearly $7.5 Billion in 2021
Growing consumption of wine in the U.S. has contributed to an increase in wine imports, from 127 million gallons in fiscal year 2000 to 456 million gallons in 2021, reaching nearly $7.5 billion in value…
You Must Remember This: Moderate Wine Consumption Linked to Lower Risk of Dementia
Cooling Trend on Tap After Triple Digits Hit Sonoma County
Global Wine Production: Northern Hemisphere Countries Suffer While Southern Hemisphere Winemakers Thrive
Napa Valley Grapegrowers Focuses on Regenerative Farming & Organic Winegrowing
Ag Groups Call for Withdrawal of Supreme Court Brief on Glyphosate
Napa Valley Vintners $1 Million Investment Supports New Family Resource Center
Green Wine Future 2022 by Wineally Day Three
Benchmark Wine Expands to the East Coast with New Operation in Washington, D.C.
‘Challenging’ 2021 Bordeaux Conditions Showcase Leaps in Viticulture
How Wildfire Smoke Is Impacting Winemakers
Napa’s Most Wanted Wines
Can Sparkling Wine Fizz in Inflationary Times?
An Easy Ride?
Why Sustainable Brands Do Better
Wine in the Tropics
The Supply Cloud Is Lifting by Erica Harrop
Harvest Transportation Scheduler
G3 Enterprises – Healdsburg, CA, USA
Sales Administrator
Turrentine Brokerage – Novato, CA, USA
Winery National Sales Manager
Easley Winery/Reggae Wines – Indianapolis, IN, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
Sunset Intl. Wine Comp.
Willamette Valley Vineyards Hires Joe Padilla as Chief Operating Officer
Early Mountain Vineyards Announces New Head Winemaker
Pioneering Viticulturist Receives Wine Marlborough Lifetime Achievement Award
Entrepreneur Toasts Success of Wine Company
Sandrine Garbay Leaves Château Yquem for Guiraud
Wine Industry Advisor
Protecting Label Quality: Does Your Converter Have These Control Measures in Place?
Wineally Launches Groundbreaking Wine Matching App to Help Restaurant Staff and Consumers Find the Best Possible Wine and Food Matches
Wilbur-Ellis Rolls Forward to Reach Its Climate Change Goals
Lisa Bishop Forbes Winemaking Announces Wine Quality Clinic
More Supplier News
G3 Enterprises
Ram’s Gate Winery Introduces New Culinary and Hospitality Talent with a Delectable Seasonal Wine and Food Experience Offered to Individuals and Groups
Artist and Winemaker Stephen Singer Announces Launch of Singer Wine at Baker Lane Estate
Co-founder of Sommelier-Backed Canned Wine Brand Claims “Bottles Are the Past”
Opolo Vineyards Introduces 2020 Mountain Zinfandel
Introducing Vida Valiente Napa Valley Winery and Foundation
World Bulk Wine Exhibition
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