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Teuwen Communications Announces New Clients and a Strategic Partnership  


New York, NY, May 20, 2022: Award-winning public relations and marketing agency, Teuwen  Communications is pleased to announce three new clients: NEFT Vodka, crafted in Austria’s Rhaetian  Alps; Sashi Moorman and Rajat Parr’s Provignage which includes Sandhi Wines, Evening Land  Vineyards, and Domaine de la Côte wineries; and Château La Coste – a wine estate, art, culinary and  spa destination in Provence. They join the Agency’s esteemed roster of international and domestic  wine and spirit brands. 

Recognized by PR News as an Agency Elite Top 100, the Agency was also named a top ten wine and  spirits PR Agency in the US by Meininger’s Wine Business International. Growth is a key component  of how Teuwen measures its success—which is displayed by these 2021 results. Wines of Alsace,  represented by the Agency for more than a decade, surged in imports to the US with +45.85% in  volume and +41.33% in volume vs. the year prior. In the spirits sector, the Cognac Bureau (BNIC)  reported an increase of +11.1% or 115 million bottles shipped to the US in 2021. 

Additionally, Teuwen has joined the ranks of the Food & Wine Republic, an international network of 12  agencies specialized in food, wine and spirits. “This collective allows the Agency to create synergies  across markets, optimize programming and create new connections” Founder and President Stephanie  Teuwen commented, “We are thrilled to be among this talented group of PR professionals to collaborate,  share ideas and strategies in support of the food and drinks sector.” 

For more than 25 years, Teuwen has serviced clients across the wine, spirits and hospitality industry  with deep respect, know-how, passion, and authenticity. Teuwen’s creative, compelling and dynamic  campaigns captivate audiences across the US.  

To learn more: teuwen.com | [email protected] | @teuwencomm 

About Teuwen Communications 

Teuwen Communications is an award-winning food, wine and spirits public relations and marketing  agency with insight and influence. A collaborative and creative team, authentic industry connections,  and personalized approach to each client produces strategic, integrated programs across multiple  touchpoints, with powerful results. 

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