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Ardagh Group Distribution Center Converts to Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicles


Indianapolis (May 19, 2022) – Ardagh Group and a leading logistics provider, Buske Logistics, recently partnered with Shoppa’s Material Handling LTD to convert its current fleet of propane vehicles to electric vehicles at its distribution center in Fairfield, Calif.

By converting a fleet of forklifts and other vehicles to energy-efficient electric vehicles, the Fairfield distribution center will save approximately 30,000 gallons of liquid propane and prevent more than 60,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year.

“As a leading global supplier of infinitely recyclable, sustainable glass packaging, Ardagh closely monitors our energy consumption and strives to reduce our environmental impact on our communities,” said Alex Winters, Chief Sustainability Officer for Ardagh Glass Packaging. “This fleet electrification project in Fairfield is the result of dedicated Ardagh logistics professionals collaborating cross-functionally to ensure we are minimizing our impact on the environment, resulting in more sustainable and efficient operations.”

Improving energy efficiency is critical to protecting our environment, and the use of California’s cleaner, increasingly renewable electricity is a key part of Ardagh’s strategic goal to reduce carbon emissions.

“Ardagh Group has been a pleasure to work with, as Shoppa’s strives to make a positive impact on the environment from the workplace,” said Scott DeArmond, National Account Manager, Shoppa’s Material Handling. “With the help of Toyota Material Handling and our motive power team, Viking Power, we are able to make these conversions a success.”

Earlier this year, Ardagh’s distribution center in Fairfield was awarded an ENERGY STAR® building certification for superior energy performance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These exciting initiatives, like the electrification of vehicles at the Fairfield distribution center and the ENERGY STAR building certification, are what drives Ardagh to continue establishing a sustainable, better future, not just for our people but for the local communities and environments in which we operate.

With more than one million square feet, the Fairfield distribution center primarily serves Ardagh’s packaging distribution needs in the West Coast to better service the wine industry.

For more information about Ardagh’s sustainability journey, or to read Ardagh’s 2021 Sustainability Report, visit our website.

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