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2022 ASEV Keynote Speaker to Present on the Interplay Between Biology and Environment During Fruit Ripening in Vitis Vinifera


DAVIS, Calif., May 17, 2022….Dr. Simone D. Castellarin, an Associate Professor in the Wine Research Centre at The University of British Columbia in Canada, will be the keynote speaker for the 73rd ASEV National Conference.  His presentation, “Fruit Ripening in Vitis vinifera: The Interplay between Biology and Environment,” will be held in-person on June 21, 2022, at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California.

Dr. Castellarin is a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Viticulture. He has studied and worked as a scholar at the Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany, and at the University of California, Davis. He received the Rudolf Hermanns Foundation Prize for outstanding scientific achievement in horticulture and viticulture in 2009. Dr. Castellarin’s work focuses on the ripening process in grapes and the biological mechanisms that determine grape and wine quality. In addition, he studies how grape quality is affected by environmental factors such as temperature, water availability and light. Dr. Castellarin develops viticultural strategies, including irrigation, crop load management, hormone applications, and leaf removal, to improve ripening and the production of phenolic and aroma compounds in grapes.          

Founded in 1950 by a group of researchers and winemakers, ASEV is dedicated to the interests of enologists, viticulturists and others in the fields of wine and grape research and production throughout the world. The ASEV National Conference is a forum for sharing and disseminating the latest scientific information relevant to winemaking and grapegrowing.

For more information about the 73rd ASEV National Conference taking place on June 19-22, 2022, visit www.asev.org. For the full program listing, click here. Register for the conference here.

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