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Trends in the Wine Industry: From Sustainability to Cryptocurrencies


Underwater caves, organic vineyards, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce developments, biostimulants, mobility are some of the trends in the industry.

The new edition of the Wine Innovation Summit is on Thursday, May 26 at 10 a.m (arg) & 15 p.m (Spain).

Buenos Aires, May 9, 2021 –Wine Innovation Summit (WIS) announces its fourth meeting on innovation in the wine industry. The meeting will be held on Thursday, May 26 at 10:00 a.m. (Argentina, Uruguay), 9:00 a.m. (Chile), 3:00 p.m. (Spain), with the motto Trends in the wine industry: from sustainability to cryptocurrencies, the pandemic accelerated progress and incorporation of these global trends.

“This edition is a thematic continuation of what we heard and saw in the Novembers edition, about global trends from sustainability and in particular, in viticulture. And in these trends we can see that cryptocurrencies is a topic that is increasingly present in the industry, e-commerce developments, natural ways to combat pests or biostimulants for crops and especially in organic vineyards; These are issues that are increasingly interesting to know and implement in wineries,” commented Martín Caride from the organization of the Wine Innovation Summit.

In this edition, two novelties will be implemented in the dynamics of the meeting: on the one hand, a space for dialogue, a hand in hand with industry leaders. And the other spaces are trend spots and projects or anticipating topics for the next meeting, in this edition Openvino will present Biodigital Certification, the 4m3.Bio project will also be presented, which consists of recycling harvest and pruning waste to transform it into shipping containers of wines. And corporate mobility or carsharing will be present at the hands of Kinto, a way to save costs and collaborate with the environment.

In the first block, Bodegas de Argentina will open this segment referring to the important work being carried out by the Sustainability Commission on the Water Footprint and the responsible use of water. Vanesa Vignera, Crop Nutrition Business Manager INCENTIA of DVA Argentina, will address the issue of biostimulants in the vine. The technology leg will be in charge of Dr. Carla Grosso Head Farmer Sales of Kilimo, who will refer to Technology applied to efficient irrigation in vines and will add the case of Chandon, with the participation of Ing. Agr. Mariano Andrés Dorado in Chandon and Terrazas de los Andes. And towards the end, Cecilia Acosta, Agricultural Manager of Bodega Argento, the largest producer of organic wine in Argentina, will tell what the world of ants is like and how they managed to prevent it from affecting crops.

In the next segment, she will have a dialogue space on innovation with Fernando Buscema from the Catena Institute. And on the other side of the river, Uruguay, the people from Bodega Oceánica José Ignacio will present their Ultramar project. And closing the block, Josué Peralta Manager of the Wine Division of Adecco Argentina, will address problems related to human capital in the industry.

The last block, Ignacio Indaburu Head of Operations of Satisho Tango, leaders in the world of cryptocurrencies, will introduce us to cryptocurrencies and how they can be implemented in the industry. And closing the block, Luciano Rafowicz, Sales Manager Latam at Summa Solutions BrandLive L will talk about the growth of digital commerce in the wine industry in recent years. And closing the third block, Ignacio Sánchez from Pi Data Strategy & Consulting, a leading company in digital transformation through advanced data analysis, will help to use data in a productive way.

The meeting will be closed by Mario Lazzaro, General Manager of Fundación Promendoza.

With the same dynamic as the previous meetings, again broadcast from the Floyd TV studios in Mendoza, and with speakers in the studio. The event will be divided into three thematic blocks, agriculture, innovation in the winery and innovation outside doors.

To register for free you can go to https://www.eventbrite.com.ar/e/wine-innovation-summit-cuarta-edicion-tickets-300242993877

This initiative is accompanied by the Ministry of Economy of Mendoza, the National Institute of Viticulture (INV), Pro Mendoza and Bodegas de Argentina, the National Institute of Viticulture of Uruguay (INAVI), the Embassy of Uruguay in Argentina, Coviar and sponsor this meeting Kinto, Satoshi Tango, Esker, Pi Data Strategy & Consulting, Incentia Crop Nutrition and Vinventions.



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