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Erez Klein Joins ANW as Wine Portfolio Manager 


April 27th – Aligning direction of American Northwest Wine Portfolio development advancing  its Fine Wine selections with our Pacific Northwest framework, ANW taps the  leadership and category management experience of Erez Klein to oversee its Wine Portfolio Selections.  

“Erez is the ideal choice for this role”, claims Anton F. Wright, CEO of  American Northwest. “He is deeply rooted in fine wine and on premise, while  having intimate understanding of chain business from many facets, like  selection, trends, performance and strategy. Wholefoods has been tremendously  successful in the 2000s in building a robust, profitable and innovative wine  program. Mr.Klein was integral in that process and will provide focus,  direction, and parallel values to ANW.”  

ANW is the largest Family-Owned Wine and Spirits distributor in the  Northwest. As the pandemic driven market shifts to recovery, ANW has its  sights set on adding American Fine Wine producers, emerging Wine categories  and building a deeper network of classic and soon-to-be classic Imported  producers.  

We asked Erez Klein to answer a few questions: 

  • Why are you excited to work with ANW? 

“Buying wine in the most exciting wine producing and consuming regions in the  country is always interesting and everchanging. Layer in ANW’s history of  innovation and growth; combined there are nearly limitless possibilities,  that seems exciting to me.” 

  • What you are looking forward to the most in your role? 

“Having worked with wine in the Northwest for 17 years I have a lot of  affection for local products and producers. Creating new local connections  and carrying many old ones forward is something I would like to devote more  effort.” 

  • How will you manage supplier relationships?  

“With honesty and integrity and expecting the same in return. “

ANW is actively reviewing producers in the Northwest, California, National  Importers and Quality driven producers from Europe that demand results driven  brand management, qualitative distribution and transparency in communication. ANW’s recently launched Sales and Vendor platforms add new layers of  efficiency in planning and executing brand market strategy. The goal is to  make distribution accessible and transparent for producers and suppliers of  all sizes. 

To email Erez Klein directly, please use [email protected] 

To learn more about American Northwest, email [email protected] or  visit anwdistributors.com

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