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Stars in a Glass: Second Edition Release 


The definitive manual for making high-quality méthode champenoise sparkling wine gets even better. 

Paso Robles, CA, 4/7 – Today, Paso Robles-based author and winemaker Pedro Vargas released the second edition of his book titled Stars in a Glass. The second edition adds 30 pages of valuable information to help winemakers through the process of making sparkling wine using the traditional method of Champagne. The  book includes new sections on base wine adjustments, heat and cold stability, sparkling rosé, and helpful tips. The second edition also gives readers access to valuable spreadsheets and online calculators to make the process easier. 

Stars in a Glass guides the reader through all the critical steps of making high-quality sparkling wine. This includes harvest and pressing, base wine fermentation, tirage fermentation, riddling, and disgorging. The first edition was well received, with sales in all the world’s top wine regions, proving the need for such an instructional manual. Vargas de-mystifies the Champagne production method and puts its making within the  grasp of winemakers and wineries of every size. Stars in a Glass is a manual containing the step-by-step details of making high-quality sparkling wine using innovative methods and tools designed by Vargas. 

“It was gratifying to see how well the first edition was received, and I thrilled when the book started selling in all the world’s wine regions,” said Vargas. “I knew there was a need, and the enthusiastic response motivated me to include this additional content for the second edition to make the book even more valuable.” 

In Stars in a Glass, readers will find a step-by-step instructional guide, including charts and spreadsheets Vargas developed to make it easier for professional winemakers and hobbyists. The technical writings contain quotes and anecdotes that make the book a fun, educational read, not just a reference manual. 

The “stars” are the bubbles that delight the palate of Champagne and sparkling wine lovers worldwide. Traditionally, this ethereal beverage called Champagne or sparkling wine (as it must be called in the US) was reserved for royalty like kings and czars and shrouded in mystery. The secrets of its production techniques were closely guarded by the few famous families that owned the Champagne houses of France. While it is widely  considered easy to make still wine, sparkling wine requires precise techniques and special equipment, making it difficult for most wineries to attempt it. Vargas has unveiled the mysteries and has produced consistently high quality, award-winning sparkling wine in the traditional method of Champagne. Now you can too! 

Stars in a Glass: Second Edition is available worldwide as a Kindle eBook and paperback on Amazon Books and retails for US$24.99 (ebook) or US$44.99 (paperback). Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X4M233S 

About the author 

Pedro Vargas is a graduate of the UC Davis certified winemaker program. He is an award-winning winemaker with accolades from notable wine competitions, including the San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition and the LA International Wine Competition. Electronics engineer by training, he founded several successful high-tech ventures and found time to excel as a scuba dive instructor, musician, and father. He lives with his wife Vicky and winery chickens Sassy and Ginger in the world-famous Paso Robles wine country, where they operate Vino Vargas, a boutique winery specializing in Méthode Champenoise sparkling wine. www.vinovargas.com Facebook and Instagram: @vinovargaswine.

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