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Miraflors Rosé 2021: Ten Years of Cheekiness and Success Worldwide


March 29th – At a game of polo in Long Island, a Sumo wrestling match in Tokyo, an opera in Berlin – MIRAFLORS Rosé has been around the world. Some call it a rebel; others, cheeky. But one thing is sure; it leaves no-one indifferent. Provocative, certainly, in its early years. But it is somewhat more decorous these days, maybe! Over these incredible last 10 years, as it has revealed its personality, and you’ve got to know it well. Because its history is far from ordinary. A child of the Lafage family, its parents quickly realized they were looking at a prodigy. A high poten- tial child, as they say today. Born in 2012 in a parcel just a stone’s throw from the country house of the same name, Miraflors grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean, not far from the salt lake of Canet-Saint-Nazaire, the most southerly lagoon in France. Its grapes were drenched in the freshness of the sea breezes, the perfect antidote to summer heatwaves.

MIRAFLORS Rosé springs from an alchemy, from of a love of beauty and fine things, and the passion of a family that has worked in the heart of the Roussillon for over two centuries. With just the right amount of fruit, a delicate pale pink hue, and a deliberate vivacity in the mouth, it has won over all

those who love fun-filled aperitifs, good-humored barbecues, country picnics, romantic dinners under the stars, family get togethers, and gatherings with friends in bars and restaurants. And even in beach clubs, right into the small hours. For 10 years, it has been part of all the fun moments in life.

Its rose-pink gleams brighten our lives and herald a revolutionary rosé. In this new 2021 vintage, it is even more brilliant, fresh, and mouth-wateringly aromatic than ever. It has never been so happy and eager to meet up with you again as it is on this, its 10th birthday. Dare you accept its invitation to the party?


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