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CK Mondavi and Family Ups the Intensity with New Buttery Chardonnay and Dark Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa, CA, March 29, 2022 — Offering consumers even more choices in flavor and style, CK Mondavi and Family is introducing two bold wines to its lineup of easy to love, easy to find offerings. New Buttery Chardonnay and Dark Cabernet Sauvignon will be available nationwide this spring.

“We’re excited to be able to highlight multiple expressions of these popular varietals, and to give our fans more options to explore,” said Randy Herron, Head Winemaker, CK Mondavi and Family. “Each wine stands on its own and will complement different meals and appeal to different taste preferences. I also like to sample them side-by-side, which makes the distinct flavor profiles even more pronounced.”

Buttery Chardonnay has aromas of fresh citrus and melted butter, and flavors of vanilla and buttercream. Malolactic fermentation leads to the rich, creamy flavor and lush finish, while the oak regime brings out notes of maple and brown sugar. CK Mondavi and Family’s original Chardonnay is crisper, with no malolactic fermentation, and flavors of fresh apple and pear that mingle with a hint of oak. The new Buttery Chardonnay also features a thermochromic label, which changes color from cream to golden yellow when perfectly chilled, at approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ruby red in color, the Dark Cabernet Sauvignon makes a statement with vibrant black fruit character and notes of mocha and coffee. The full-bodied wine ends with a plush, velvety finish. It’s recognizably richer than the winery’s classic Cabernet Sauvignon, which offers brighter notes of cherry and baking spice.

“We know wine consumers are interested in experimenting with new flavors. Richer, buttery Chardonnay in particular has been increasing in popularity,” said Pam Novak, Senior Marketing Director, C. Mondavi & Family. “From vineyard practices to winemaking techniques and varietal offerings, CK Mondavi and Family has been innovating for more than 75 years. We’re always on the lookout for ways to delight our customers, and these two new wines give fans even more reason to choose CK Mondavi and Family.”

To learn more about each of the new wines, tune in as head winemaker Randy Herron sits down with Riana Mondavi, member of the fourth generation and Director of Chains – Western Region for a comparative tasting. They’ll share thoughts on flavor profiles, wine personality and pairing ideas. The video will be posted on Facebook and Instagram beginning today, March 29.

The videos will also be shared in Eventi, the newly launched company newsletter. Filled with seasonal recipes, pairing ideas, and special offers, the quarterly e-newsletter is designed to keep subscribers up to date on all the latest happenings at CK Mondavi and Family. Sign up at www.ckmondavi.com/eventi-sign-up/.

In addition to the new Buttery Chardonnay and Dark Cabernet Sauvignon, the complete CK Mondavi and Family collection includes Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Red Blend, all available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99 for a 750 ml bottle., and $13.99 for a 1.5L magnum.

About CK Mondavi and Family

CK Mondavi and Family wines are bottled in the Napa Valley by the iconic C. Mondavi & Family. For consumers desiring consistently delicious, everyday wines, CK Mondavi and Family wines overdeliver for the price point. Based in the Napa Valley for seventy-five years, CK Mondavi and Family’s grapes are 100% sourced from California vineyards, utilizing sustainable farming techniques and winemaking practices that are more typical of expensive wines. Their relentless commitment to quality winemaking and hands-on small lot sourcing sets them apart from other value wines. A large portion of the grapes in CK Mondavi and Family wines are estate grown on the family’s 1,850 acres of vineyard property and the family is committed to working with American growers that they’ve had partnerships with for generations.

CK Mondavi and Family are the first and only wines 100% “Made in USA Certified®” and the family produces wines that are consistent, vintage-to-vintage, providing consumers with a value and quality they can rely on. Today, CK Mondavi and Family remains one of the most successful wine brands in America because of its excellent quality and great value. They can be found online at CKMondavi.com, or on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram @CKMondaviWines.   

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