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Afternoon Brief, March 25th

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There Are More Merges and Acquisitions in Wine Than Ever Before—Here’s Why
In recent years, mergers and acquisitions in the wine industry have become increasingly common. During the latter half of 2020 through 2021, however, things progressed to a whole new level…
M. A. Silva USA
California’s Newest Wine Appellation Is All About the Coast
Federal authorities have approved the San Luis Obispo Coast AVA, a region south of Paso Robles that hugs the Pacific…
The Growth of Organic Wine: ‘We Have Gone from Curiosity-Based Consumption to Structural Consumption’
Organic wine has become a firm fixture in shoppers’ baskets: and also holds the promise to appeal to a younger generation…
Sonoma County and Most of North Coast Are Now in ‘Extreme Drought’
The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map shows virtually all of Sonoma County and the North Coast in a state of extreme drought, as March weather continues to be mostly dry…
Illinois’ Bottle Deposit Fee: How to Make a Market More Uncompetitive
Virginia Governor’s Cup for First Time Goes to Female Winemaker
New Grape Varieties Can Help Bordeaux Adapt to Climate Change, but Will the Market Allow It?
French Winegrowers Struggle to Cope with Supply Pressure on Off-Road Diesel
How the California List Brings a Grand Cru Status to California’s Wine Estates
The Iconic Burgundy Wines You’ll Probably Never Taste
Wine Joins Forces With Olives and Wheat to Counter Climate Change
Australia/China Trade Dispute Negotiations Stall
Shingleback in McLaren Vale for Sale
The World’s Most Wanted Pinot Gris
Dan Berger: What’s in That Bottle?
Editorial & Communications Manager
Karen MacNeil & Co. – St. Helena, CA, USA
Mobile Technician
The Bottle Meister – California, USA
Coordinator for the Digest of Wine & Spirits Law
Compliance Service of America – Myrtle Point, OR, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
Activ8 Commerce
Selling Wine Direct-to-Consumer in 2022 Workshop
March 28 – Webinar
Growing Forward: Vineyard & Grower Virtual Conference Series
March 31 – Virtual
Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition
April 9 – Virtual
Enoforum USA’s Inaugural 2022 In-Person Event
May 11-12 – Santa Rosa, CA
May 25 – Santa Rosa, CA
World Bulk Wine Exhibition
California Cult Winemaker Walks Out on Winery
Sebastopol Vintner Admits Guilt for Killing Man, Injuring Boy While Driving Drunk in Sonoma County Court
Wine Spectator Debuts First and Only Interview with E&J Gallo Co-Founder Ernest Gallo on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday in 1999
The Power and Provocation of Raising Kids Around Wine
Op Ed: What Do Wine Consumers Really Want?
Napa County Approves Micro Winery Ordinance
Out of This World: Wine Aged in Space and Underwater Teaches Us About Agriculture
The Drinks Industry Has an Ageism Problem
Rare Napa Wine of Judgement of Paris Fame Sells for $12,000
Does Indigenous Yeast Really Exist? The Wine Community Is Divided
Fighting to Save the American Oak
Social Media Is Ruining Wine Tourism
Why TikTok—Not Instagram—Is a Rising Platform for Winemakers Desperate to Lure Millennials
An Insect Invasion Threatens East Coast Vineyards
Can Major Wine Markets in China Survive Its Worst COVID Resurgence?


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