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Afternoon Brief, March 24th

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Fighting to Save the American Oak
Distillers and winemakers are working together to preserve a species that is essential to their trades…
M. A. Silva USA
The Power and Provocation of Raising Kids Around Wine
Wine industry parents who believe that raising kids around wine can be not only enriching and world-expanding, but also, when deployed wisely, potentially protective against alcohol’s more dangerous qualities…
French Vintners Buy Wineries from Sanctioned Russian Oligarch
Dmitry Pumpyansky’s family will sell Domaine Prieuré St.-Jean de Bébian in Languedoc and Domaine Ganevat in Jura…
Grower-Winemaker Partnership Seeks to Advance Industry
The University of Nevada, Reno has been conducting research on growing wine and table grapes in Nevada for more than 25 years. The research has provided some valuable information for growing grapes in both northern and southern Nevada…
Striving for Wine Excellence in the Finger Lakes
Jordan Vineyard & Winery Marks 50th Anniversary with Social Impact Summer
Growers Get Primer on Pierce’s Disease
Carboy Winery at Mt. Garfield Estates Announces April 24th Grand Opening
Northern Michigan: Fresh and Expressive Cool Climate White Wines
To Drink Sustainably, Opt for Wine in Aluminum Cans, Not Glass Bottles
Sparkling Wines and Champagnes Are the Tip of the Spear in the Premiumization of Alcohol
17 Masters of Wine Inducted to Institute at Awards Ceremony
Alsace Riesling Must Be ‘Dry’, Says Wine Body Proposal
Cool-Climate Viticulture Could Soon Be a Country’s Best Asset, Says Chilean Winemaker
Women on Farms Project March to Demand End to Labour Rights Violations on Wine Farms
What Is “Local Wine” Anyway?: A Study on Defining “Local Wine” to Wine Consumers in Ontario
What Is Regenerative Grape Growing? Plus 3 Sonoma Wines to Try
New Wine in Old Bottles
How to Design the Perfect Wine Cellar
Is Wine a Good Investment? For These Investors, Wine Content Could Be
Enartis USA
Paid Internship
Advanced Viticulture – Windsor, CA, USA
Full Time Wine Cellar Assistant
Easley Winery/Reggae Wines – Indianapolis, IN, USA
Compliance Service of America – Myrtle Point, OR, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
Activ8 Commerce
Debra Knotek Joins Western Computer as 365winetrade Sales Specialist
Retiring Aguirre Remains Hopeful for Industry
Napa County Farm Bureau Announces New 2022-24 President and Board of Directors
Under Le Marche Sun
Wine Expert Tinashe Nyamudoka Overcame Cultural Barriers to Become One of the Best
Wine Industry Advisor
A Secret Marketing Weapon for Small Wineries
Tax Calculation, Collection, and Remittance: How Technology Helps
2 Actions to Improve Your Digital Merchandising
Wineries, Here’s Your Free Outshinery Marketing Calendar for April, May, June 2022
More Supplier News
World Bulk Wine Exhibition
Rose Gold Rosé Expands Across United States with New Round of Funding
Beyond Burgundy and California: Chardonnay Regions You Should Know
Harvest Celebration at Spier Hotel
“Special Homecoming” for Much-Loved Metala
Left and Right Bank Bordeaux Explained


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