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Doffo Winery Celebrates 25 Years of Winemaking and Leadership in Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country


TEMECULA, CA, February 15, 2022 – 2022 marks the 25th Anniversary in Temecula Valley for Doffo Winery, the family-owned-and-operated Southern California Winery known for their premium wines, on-site vintage motorcycle collection, and unique wine experiences. In recognition of the multiple generations involved in the establishment and day-to-day operations of the winery, Doffo will roll out a series of legacy-themed events and programs throughout the year, including a limited-edition, collaborative family wine, media events, and consumer wine dinners to celebrate the important milestone.

“The message on the back of every bottle of Doffo wine states: ‘Family unity is our priority, nurturing the soils of our vineyards is our legacy, and handcrafting exceptional wines is our passion’,” said CEO and Winemaker Damian Doffo. “This mission statement has informed every part of our business since the day we opened. We are looking forward to toasting everyone who made this first 25 years possible, and can’t wait to see what’s next for the winery and our family over the next 25.”

In 1997, founder and patriarch Marcelo Doffo looked out over a humble parcel of undeveloped land in Southern California’s Temecula Valley, and pondered his next stage in life. After building a successful auto repair business, he yearned to return to his roots and once again cultivate the earth. While he grew up on the family soybean and corn farm in rural Argentina, this venture would be about his new passion: winemaking.

25 years later Doffo Winery has grown into one of the most respected wineries in the thriving Temecula Valley AVA, named one of the world’s best wine travel destinations in 2019 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The winery’s success is in no small part thanks to the vision and hard work of Marcelo and his children Samantha, Brigitte and Damian. The winery also houses an impressive vintage motorcycle collection and moto-themed wine collection, representing the family’s other passion, that wine- and moto enthusiasts travel far and wide to experience. 

“I bought some land so I could play in the dirt. I bought a tractor so I could play with the tractor,” said Marcelo. “When we went to get licensed, we never intended to become a big winery; we just wanted to make wine for ourselves. So, it’s a great feeling to see how far we’ve come.”

“Dad’s legacy is super important to all of us, especially making sure that we still make him proud,” said Samantha Doffo, who is in charge of events, tours, and experiences for the winery. “I would like to think that folks who have been customers for years still see a part of my dad in each of us. At the end of the day, none of us would be here without his crazy idea, and all we hope for is to continue doing what we love and be able to share it as siblings, with our kids, and with everyone that comes to enjoy the fruits of dad’s labor.” 

The 25h Anniversary will be celebrated throughout the year, through various activations, including: 

  • The launch of a limited-edition commemorative family wine blend including a custom-etched bottle signed by members of the family
  • A signature media and consumer event 
  • Monthly wine dinners
  • A family retrospective highlighting the Doffo family over the years through now
  • Social media programming showing old family photos, key milestones over the years, and sentimental family moments to illustrate the Doffo’s strong family bond
  • Special recognition of long-term/legacy wine club members

“It’s a totally special feeling to see both generations come back to the winery,” continued Marcelo. “As amazing at it has been to watch the kids run the winery, it’s even more so for the grandkids. They are the torch carriers, and the fact that they show up at their age is amazing. I’m very proud.”

For more information about Doffo Winery’s 25th Anniversary in Temecula Valley, please visit www.doffowines.com.  

About Doffo Winery

Founded by Marcelo Doffo in 1997, Doffo Winery sits in the hills of Southern California’s Temecula Valley. This family owned and operated winery produces many award-winning wines and has earned a stellar reputation in the region for its Malbec, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and its unique red blends. 

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