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Alto Adige Wines Awarded Top Grades Worldwide


Renowned international wine guides rank the region’s wines at the very top 

Bolzano, Italy — (February 11, 2022) Alto Adige wines have firmly established themselves at the  pinnacle of the international wine scene, as evidenced by the distinctions and top grades they  were once again awarded this year by the five most renowned international wine guides. 

No fewer than 88 times were wines from wineries, vineyards, and free wine growers in Alto Adige  awarded at least 95 out of 100 possible points by the wine guides Decanter, Robert Parker, Vinum,  Falstaff, and James Suckling. The highest rating (99 points) went to the Terlaner Rarity 2008  produced by Cantina Terlano, which also received 98 points from Robert Parker – the guide’s  highest rating out of all Alto Adige wines. Cantina Terlano also took first place in the Best White category at the Decanter World Wine Awards with its Terlaner Grand Cuvée 2018. 

At the 2021 Decanter World Wine Awards, two wines from Alto Adige secured a top spot in the  Platinum Category: the Cantina Kaltern Passito Quintessenz Moscato Giallo 2017 and the Cantina  Colterenzio Lofóa Sauvignon 2019, both of which received 97 points. The Alto Adige wine rated  most highly by the 2021 edition of the James Suckling guide was the Manincor Terlano Lieben Aich  Sauvignon 2019 (98 points), while the wine guide Vinum placed the Alois Lageder Cor Römigberg  Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (96 points) ahead of all other wines from Alto Adige in 2022. 

Cantina Terlano leads the field 

The broad range of wines from Alto Adige is evidenced by the fact that 83 of the best grades were  awarded to 65 different wines produced by two dozen wineries, of which this year’s clear winner  is Cantina Terlano. It received a total of 17 ratings of 95 points or more for seven different wines. 

Second place among the producers went to the winery San Michele Appiano (eight top ratings for  four wines) and third place to Cantina Tramin (seven top ratings for five wines). They are followed  by Cantina Kaltern with six top ratings for four wines as well as the Cantina Girlan winery and the  

Manincor vineyard, each of which were bestowed five ratings of over 95 points by the  international wine guides for four and five different wines, respectively.

The Cantina Terlano winery also comes at the very top of the list of wines to receive the highest  number of distinctions. Their Terlaner I Grande Cuvée 2018 took four ratings of over 95 points, as  did the Terlaner Rarity 2008. The following wines received three ratings of 95 points or more:  Terlaner Riserva Nova Domus 2018, the Nals Margreid Alto Adige White Nama 2016, the Cantina  Tramin Gewürztraminer Vendemmia Tardiva Terminum 2018, as well as the Alto Adige White  Appius 2016 and the Sauvignon The Wine Collection 2018, both produced by the San Michele  Appiano winery. 

Seven wines produced by five different wineries went on to receive top grades from two wine  guides each. Represented in this list with two wines each are Cantina Kaltern (Passito Quintessenz  Moscato Giallo 2017 and Merlot Riserva Kunst.Stück 2018) and Cantina Terlano with their Terlano  Pinot Blanc Riserva Vorberg 2018 and the Terlano Sauvignon Quarz 2019. Two top ratings each  were also awarded to the Vigneti delle Dolomiti Chardonnay IGT Löwengang 2018 (Lageder  vineyard), the Riserva Vigna Ganger Pinot Noir 2017 (Cantina Girlan) as well as the Passito Juvelo  Gewürztraminer 2019 (Cantina Andrian). 

White wines and Pinot Nero come out on top 

When comparing white wines with their red counterparts, the winner is clear – at least as far as  their appraisal by the five most renowned international wine guides is concerned. Of the 65 wines  from Alto Adige that were awarded 95 points or more, 41 were white, 19 red, and five were sweet  wines. 

Among the white wines, the Sauvignons (13 best ratings for 10 wines) and Terlanos (11 best  ratings for 3 wines) came out on top, followed by Gewürztraminers (10/7), Alto Adige  Whites (8/4), Pinot Blancs (7/6), Chardonnays (6/5) and Rieslings (5/5). Moscato Giallo, Green  Veltliner and Sylvaner each received two ratings of 95 points or more. Kerner completes this list  with one best grade. 

The undisputed frontrunner, however – and not just among the red wines – is Pinot Nero, which  received twelve top ratings for eleven wines, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon (3), Lagrein (2), and  Merlot (2) in the list of reds. 

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