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Innovative Winery Scout & Cellar Reinforces Clean-Crafted Commitment® with Launch of Ingredient Labeling and Soil-to-Sip Report™


DALLAS, TX, Feb. 9 2022 – Scout & Cellar, the purveyor and pioneer of Clean-Crafted™ wine is announcing the launch of ingredient labels and a Soil-to-Sip Report™ for all of the winery’s 2021 domestic vintages. The ingredient labels represent the latest step Scout & Cellar has taken under its Clean-Crafted Commitment®, reinforcing its commitment to increase consumer transparency in the wine industry. 

Established in 2017 by CEO and Founder Sarah Shadonix, the Clean-Crafted Commitment® requires that: 

  1. Grapes are farmed without toxic pesticides 
  2. Wine is produced without adding artificial processing aides or ingredients (e.g. sugar)
  3. Wine is low in sulfites

To ensure a consistent standard and high threshold of quality consumers can trust, each Scout & Cellar wine is verified in a Soil-to-Sip Report™, documenting an internal review of viticulture and winemaking practices, which is then validated by independent, third-party lab testing. Launching today, the Scout & Cellar ingredient labels and Soil-to-Sip Reports™ will debut with two new offerings: 2021 Conte de la Terre Pinot Gris and Scout & Cellar’s first ever moscato, 2021 Gallivant Moscato, the only Clean-Crafted™ moscato in the world. 

Sarah Shadonix founded Scout & Cellar after she discovered that hundreds of additives and pesticides are permitted for use in wine production. She felt strongly about the need for change and left an almost decade-long career in commercial litigation to pursue her passion for wine full time; developing the proprietary Clean-Crafted Commitment® and implementing it as the standard to which every Scout & Cellar product is upheld. In less than five years, Shadonix and her team have launched a winery, sourced and produced an entire collection of brands, and organized an internal infrastructure overseeing nearly 17,000 independent consultants and 130 products across 24 brands. 

“Since the beginning, our Clean-Crafted Commitment® has guided our approach to winegrowing and demystifying what goes into the bottle, in a tangible way, was the next logical step,” explains CEO Sarah Shadonix. “We believe the wine industry could benefit from more transparency, so we decided to do our part by including both an ingredient label, so you’ll know exactly what is in your wine, and a Soil-To-Sip Report™, so you’ll know exactly how your wine is made. Our customers want to make informed choices in their daily lives and selecting the right wine is no exception.” 

The 2021 Conte de la Terre Pinot Gris and 2021 Gallivant Moscato, complete with the newly implemented ingredient labels and Soil-to-Sip Reports™, are available on the Scout & Cellar website as of February 9, 2022. For more information on Scout & Cellar, the Clean-Crafted Commitment® or about our independent wine consultants, please visit scoutandcellar.com.

About Scout & Cellar

Founded in 2017, Scout & Cellar is a Clean-Crafted™, woman-founded and led winery that has created a higher standard for how wine is made by creating a more authentic, sustainable, and delicious approach to the wine-making process. From ensuring grapes are grown without toxic pesticides through independent testing, to producing wine that is low in sulfites and made without artificial processing aids, ingredients, or added sugar, Scout & Cellar guarantees that all its wines adhere to their Clean-Crafted Commitment®. Scout & Cellar products are available online at scoutandcellar.com where you can shop directly or with the help of our network of Independent Consultants who share a passion for the wine and the standard by which it is made.

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