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Elenteny Imports Shares Insights on Optimizing Shipping Routes in the Wine Industry


Leading B2B logistics vendor helps hundreds of wine importers seek new ways to stay competitive and keep their products in stock during unprecedented times

February 3rd – New York, New York – Elenteny Imports, an industry leader in freight forwarding, compliance, and logistics for importers of wine, spirits, and beer, shares insights into how wine importers sought new ways to stay competitive by optimizing shipping routes and distribution strategies.

With the impacts of COVID-19 and global supply chain issues affecting each of the three tiers of the beverage industry, many wine importers adjusted their shipping strategies to minimize disruptions. From taking full advantage of frequent shipments with Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL), optimizing warehouse space, and maximizing cash flow without tying up funds for nonessential inventory, wine importers adopted a modern approach to their supply chain.

“Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to provide innovative solutions that allow our clients to implement efficient route-to-market strategies,” said Alexi Cashen, CEO of Elenteny Imports. “The pandemic upended how global alcohol beverage companies operate and placed an intense strain on the United States’ three-tier system. From producers, warehouses, and distributors to retail stores and restaurants, every sector in the wine marketplace has been forced to analyze their new realities and look for efficiencies in the U.S. supply chain that could yield cost savings while still focusing on selling their products in a challenging environment. Between our LCL routes and premier logistics solutions, we are fully dedicated to meeting our clients’ business needs.”

With over 60 new client additions in 2021, and 9 additions to its client roster in the first couple of weeks of 2022 in the wine and spirits industries, Elenteny Imports shares the following insights:

  • Demand planning collapse – smaller, frequent shipments keep supply moving
  • Shipping LCL spreads out cash flow
  • Double or triple expected length of time for shipments to arrive
  • Prices are continuing to increase across the whole supply chain
  • The supply chain disruption is predicted to last at least until the last quarter of 2022
  • Customer service is even more crucial during these unpredictable times
  • Tax optimization strategies, such as CBMA, are crucial to managing supply costs

To learn more, download the latest Elenteny Imports White Papers: Entering the Market Without the Burden of Franchise Laws and How Domestic and Foreign Alcohol Brand Owners Can Expand Footprint

About Elenteny Imports

Founded in 2010, Elenteny Imports is a B2B logistics company servicing US Importers and wine, beer, and spirits brands looking for a modern approach to alcohol distribution in the US. Elenteny helps hundreds of companies navigate the three-tier system to easily expand their market reach, guaranteeing all of the details between initial order and final sale, allowing importers and brands to focus on what makes them grow: sourcing and sales. 

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