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de Négoce Surpasses 1M Views on Wine Berserkers Forum, Establishing New Paradigm for Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales


(January 25, 2022; San Francisco, CA)—de Négoce, the world’s leading direct-to-consumer wine brand, announced today that it has reached the one million view milestone on the internet’s largest wine community, Wine Berserkers, in a forum thread titled “de Négoce offer.” The thread was the fastest to reach one million views in the platform’s 13-year history, making it one the world’s most discussed topics amongst consumers. Founded by industry veteran and négociant Cameron Hughes in the spring of 2020, de Négoce owes its success to its unique business model that enables consumers the opportunity to pre-purchase ultra-premium wines from around the globe as “futures” before they are bottled at prices 60 to 80 percent less than traditional retailers. Consumers interested in learning more about de Négoce may visit www.denegoce.com to sign up to receive daily futures offers. 

de Négoce Founder Cameron Hughes. Photo credit: Rocco Ceselin.

The rapidly trending thread was posted on April 30, 2020 and has quickly become a hub for Wine Berserkers’ 36,000-plus members, and nearly 700,000 annual readers, to discuss and learn about de Négoce’s daily offerings. Founded by Cameron Hughes with no financing, relying strictly on word of mouth, de Négoce has been able to bypass traditional retailers and distribution by gaining organic visibility among wine enthusiasts on the Wine Berserkers platform. Today, it stands as one of Wine Berserkers’ most referenced and discussed threads, surpassing one million views and over 11,603 replies, while also emerging as the top referral source to the de Négoce website. 

“It’s been an amazing year since we founded de Négoce and reaching one million views on Wine Berserkers is a sign that de Négoce has the potential to reshape the wine industry as we know it,” says Cameron Hughes. “There’s no denying we offer something completely different for consumers, and we’re proud to be the leaders of this revolution in wine commerce.”

The milestone comes on the eve of the 13th annual BerserkerDay (#BD13), considered by many to be the most important direct-to-consumer wine event of the year. Dubbed “The Black Friday of Wine Commerce” by Forbes, the #BD12 event in 2021 brought in $1.8 million, more than double 2020’s revenue of $750,000. This year’s event takes place on January 27 in celebration of the founding of Wine Berserkers, and is anticipated to set another record. Beginning at 7:30 A.M. Pacific Time, unique wine deals from de Négoce and over 100 other noteworthy producers will be posted in batches of 10, with new offers dropping throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. 

According to Wine Berserkers founder Todd French, the event has become indispensable for participating brands due to its ability to unite small producers directly with consumers through the discussion forum, encouraging ongoing personal and professional relationships between the parties. 

“Where else can one so readily connect directly with a one or two-person winery, pursuing their passion within various budget constraints, then read other threads and do the same thing?” says Todd. “To those of us who consider ourselves wine geeks, these direct relationships with producers mean the world to us – be it bragging rights with friends or just enhancing our enjoyment knowing we have a direct link with the producer and/or seller. Direct connections such as this encourage much more loyal and long-standing customer retention.”

A brand built on trust and innovation, de Négoce bottles wines sourced directly from top producers from some benchmark sites throughout the world. Each bottle comes with the stamp of approval from Cameron Hughes himself, with satisfaction guaranteed. 

About de Négoce

Founded by Cameron Hughes in 2020, de Négoce is the nation’s leading direct-to-consumer wine brand, dedicated to offering consumers the opportunity to pre-purchase ultra-premium wines from around the globe before they are bottled. Known in the trade as En Primeur or “futures,” the unique négociant business model removes the inefficiencies of the traditional 3-tier distribution system, allowing consumers to acquire high-caliber wines for pricing at 60 to 80 percent less what they would pay under its original label. For more information, please visit www.deNegoce.com.

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