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Serendipity Imports Announces a New 2022 National Import Partnership


Legendary Piemontese producer Azienda Agricola Roberto Voerzio joins Serendipity Imports National Portfolio

January 24th – Serendipity Imports, a National Import company based in Austin, Texas, announced it has come to an agreement with Azienda Agricola Roberto  Voerzio, highly respected Piemontese Estate producer of legendary Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, as their import partner in the United  States. 

“This is not only a tremendous addition to our portfolio but also a strong vote of confidence in the organization we are building as a national  importer. We are absolutely thrilled to represent Roberto Voerzio’s world class wines across the country. After our initial launch in our home  distribution markets of Texas and California, we experienced a wine that when tasted with buyers captures their undivided attention and creates a  special time of reflection on just why these wines are so special. Voerzio wines elevate our portfolio to new heights.” – Troy Kuhn, Serendipity Imports Founder, Co-CEO Serendipity Wines LLC 

“We are proud to have chosen Serendipity Imports for representing us in the United States as a symbol of excellence, respect and depth of  knowledge in the market. We are happy that our wines finally have found the right shoes!” – Roberto Voerzio, Founder, Owner, Winemaker 

Roberto Voerzio has earned the characterization of a “living legend” due to his unique hands-on approach and uncompromising philosophy that  the relationship between low yields and high quality is always linear, never rushing nature, and striving every vintage to achieve the ultimate goal  of revealing the purest expression possible. The painstaking detail in the vineyard training the roots of the vines to find the minerals and water  even in a dry year are just the tip of the iceberg to the detail and dedication of the artist and producer that is Roberto Voerzio. He is not only at the  pinnacle of producing Barolo but shares the same production standards and quality that can only be found in the very top producers of the most  sought-after wine regions of the world from – Barolo, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Napa. Regardless of the region his commitment to excellence stands  out. 

“From an early age I have always had clear ideas and wanted to build a different story, perhaps unique, but very simple, listening to and reading  the most beautiful book: that of nature.” – Roberto Voerzio Founder, Owner, Winemaker 

“The partnership with Roberto Voerzio could not have been possible at this time without all the hard work already laid by all our foundational  partners- home distribution sales teams in Texas, California and New York, our dedicated existing national brands, and our hardworking national  sales, marketing, and operations team. A special thanks to our friend and winery export manager, Emanuele Graetz, for establishing the  introduction to Roberto and trusting in our ability.” – Troy Kuhn, Serendipity Imports Founder, Co-CEO Serendipity Wines LLC 

About Azienda Agricola Roberto Voerzio  

Roberto was born and grew up in a multigenerational family of farmers in La Morra, Everyday working and observing the land, Roberto saw the  possibility that La Morra has some of the best vineyards in the world to produce some of the greatest wines in the world. In 1986, starting with 2  hectares he founded the winery in pursuit of this possibility. Through his relationship with the local community of farmers and families, he  learned about the sites that had the most potential to deliver pure expression of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and slowly acquired ownership.  Today, Roberto has 35 hectares of vines, of which 22 are his own that include parcels located in 3 Gran Crus, Brunate, Cerequio, and Rocche del’Annunziata, and 13 rented. All in La Morra. 

About Serendipity Imports 

Serendipity Imports is a rapidly growing National imports division approaching four years with distribution in over forty states. A small, focused,  motivated team with a mission to build and bridge relationships between producers and our distribution partners. Together, we curate a globally  diversified portfolio focused on wineries, cideries, and distilleries rooted in history of place and a philosophy that emphasizes integration with  Mother Nature, committing to regenerative and sustainable practices. Simultaneously, we seek to identify and collaborate with distribution  partners that have similar values and demonstrate the passion to bring great products to the market. For additional information, feel free to contact [email protected] 

About Serendipity Wines LLC

For almost 20 years we’ve been bringing people together to share in the connection and joy that is inspired when a great bottle is opened. With  distribution arms serving Texas, California, and New York and National Imports Division, Serendipity Wines LLC vision is to build a business  that allows our customers, suppliers and employees to explore cultures, share stories and better connect through wine and spirits. Serendipity  thoughtfully curates its portfolio from across the globe while cultivating and maintaining lasting partnerships through elevated customer  experiences. For more information visit: www.serendipitywines.com

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