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Vinovest Introduces New Wine Fund Offering Designed for RIAs, Family Offices and Institutional Investors


 Investing professionals seeking an alternative asset with low volatility, uncorrelated to inflation can achieve enhanced diversification with fine wine  

Anthony Zhang

LOS ANGELES, CA — January 20th, 2022 — Vinovesta digital platform democratizing access to the previously exclusive world of fine wine investing, introduces a new partnership opportunity for registered investment advisors (RIAs), family offices and institutional investors to gain exposure to fine wine investments via actively-managed wine funds. Through Vinovest’s globally-diversified flagship fund or bespoke funds designed specifically around dedicated a time horizon and ESG/SRI preferences, investing professionals can diversify their portfolios with fine wine, an alternative asset class that has experienced 13.6% annualized returns over the past 15 years. The new offering is led by Vinovest Capital, LLC, the investing professional-focused arm of the fine wine investing platform. 

Using a proprietary algorithm, Vinovest identifies select undervalued, appreciating wines to invest in based on a number of factors, including Type, Region, Historical Pricing, Risk to Return Ratio, and more. Partnering with wineries, global wine exchanges, and merchants, and tapping into the experience of master sommeliers and wine directors within its network, Vinovest acquires each wine at its best market value. Once purchased, the wine is insured and stored at a highly-secured, climate-controlled facility, as Vinovest monitors for increases in market value and actively manages each fine wine portfolio.   

“It is no secret that investors are clamoring for more access to alternatives; traditional portfolios consisting of stocks and bonds simply are not enough anymore. With our fine wine funds, we are making it easy for investment professionals to give clients and constituents exposure to the emerging asset class of fine wine,” said Anthony Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder at Vinovest. “Considering investor preferences, such as climate change and sustainable initiatives, we create a custom portfolio of fine wine designed to reach peak maturity over a given time horizon.” 

Vinovest charges RIA, family office and institutional investor clients less than a 2% annual fee to experience the diversification benefits of fine wine as an asset class – one that has outperformed global equities over the past 30 years. Less volatile than many crypto assets and providing substantially higher returns than fixed income, investors can increase their Sharpe ratio, while reducing risk.  

Bespoke fund sizes available with Vinovest start at $5 million, while accredited investors with $100,000 can access Vinovest’s flagship fund. Having recently been the first wine fund provider to achieve Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliance of its performance data, Vinovest provides a proven partner for investing professionals to access fine wine investments.  

Investing professionals who are interested in learning how to partner with Vinovest for access to its flagship fund or a bespoke wine fund should inquire at vinovest.co/advisors. For more information about Vinovest and educational resources on fine wine investing, please visit vinovest.co or download its mobile offering on the iOS App Store and the Google Play app store. 

About Vinovest 

Vinovest is a digital platform democratizing access to the world of fine wine investing. Vinovest’s easy-to-use offering combines unparalleled wine expertise with sophisticated investment models to curate wine portfolios based on investors’ risk tolerance and investment time horizons. Investors using Vinovest build their wine portfolios with the help of the company’s dedicated portfolio advisors and its proprietary artificial intelligence-based algorithm that searches for personalized buying opportunities for each investor. Vinovest’s platform includes a dedicated solution for institutional investors and wealth managers that provides access to the fine wine market. Tapping into an extensive network of top wineries and trusted fine wine merchants, Vinovest simplifies fine wine investing by sourcing, authenticating, storing and insuring each bottle of wine—which investors are free to enjoy or sell whenever they please. For more information, or to open an account, please visit vinovest.co and make sure to follow along on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook  

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