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Scott Laboratories Announces New Distribution of Amorim’s New Xpür Portfolio of Micro-Granulated Corks 


SCOTT Laboratories logoJanuary 20th – Amorim Cork’s continuous commitment to research and development has resulted in the launch of the most advanced technology available in the micro-granulated cork closures segment. With the unveiling of Xpür® technology earlier 2021 – a more efficient and sustainable supercritical  CO2 process of treating cork granulates – Amorim is now offering an enhanced range of micro granulated closures that will set new performance and quality standards for winemakers  worldwide. 

Scott Laboratories’ commitment to providing best-in-class products, technical expertise, and a  fierce dedication to customer success, coupled with their 80+ year record of being one of the  most trusted suppliers to the North American wine community, made them an obvious  distribution partner for Amorim’s newest line of micro-granulated cork products. This unique  partnership between Scott Labs and Amorim was developed with the customer in mind, allowing  wineries to have access to two different product lines that benefit from Xpür® technology.  Neutrocork Premium® and Qork® from Amorim are now part of the range of cork and wine  closure offerings from Scott Labs.  

In response to an increase in market demand for high quality, long lasting, efficient micro granulated closures, this partnership will increase the reach and accessibility to top-of-the-line  products from both companies. By collectively bringing to market a truly innovative and cutting edge solution, Scott Labs and Amorim remain committed to helping solve the enological needs  and challenges of North American winemakers and producers. 

Pedro Fernandes, General Manager of Amorim Cork America, commented: “This is a unique  opportunity for two long standing organizations to partner and continue to promote cork as the  preferred solution for wines in the North American market. The Xpür® technology is a  breakthrough technology for cleaning granulated cork while preserving the intrinsically physical and mechanical characteristics of the cork itself. Both Neutrocork Premium® and Qork® offer a  variety of solutions that we believe will address a wide range of producers.”  

Chris Holman, General Manager of Scott Labs’ Packaging department, comments: “We are  extremely excited to partner with the experts at Amorim on such high-quality, game-changing  products for the cork and closures market. Scott Labs’ commitment to sustainability is mirrored  in both these product lines with their negative CO2 balance and energy consumption, combined  with natural ingredients. Our goal is to provide best-in-class closures to our customers so they  can choose which closure best fits their wines. One size doesn’t fit all, and we’re here to help  them navigate the best available choices on the market backed by the latest technology and  technical expertise.” 

About Amorim Cork 

Amorim Cork is the world’s largest cork processing group with annual sales with over 5 Billion  cork closures. Founded in 1870, the company currently has dozens of business units distributed 

across five continents like Amorim Cork America in the north America market. It exports a  complete portfolio of cork closures to more than 100 countries and has a diversified network of  15,000 customers. With strong sustainability credentials and a negative carbon footprint,  Amorim provides a set of solutions to the wine and spirits industry. www.amorimcork.com 

About Scott Laboratories 

For over 80 years, Scott Labs has been the leading supplier for the North American wine and  specialty beverage industry, providing fermentation products, filtration media,  equipment, cork and packaging solutions. Scott Labs has been embedded in the wine  community since 1933 where their story starts at the University of California, just days prior to  the end of Prohibition. Scott Labs’ vision is to provide the best customer experience to the  specialty beverage community. Their mission is to advance the long-term success of the  specialty beverage community by providing best-in-class products and services. They believe in  education, honesty, and doing the right thing. Visit scottlab.com to learn more.

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