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Marq Wine Group Announces Georgian Wine Exports to the U.S. Top One Million Bottles


Efforts Achieve 29%Average Year-Over-Year Growth for Six Years Running 

New York, NY / January 19, 2022: Julie Peterson, founding partner of Marq Wine Group, announces that  Georgian wine exports to the U.S. achieved 29% year-over-year growth for the last six years, allowing Georgian  wine exports to the U.S. to reach more than one million bottles, achieving a campaign objective set by the Ministry  of Agriculture one year ahead of schedule. In addition to surpassing the initial volume goal, the recent growth was characterized by significant value growth over the same period as the demand for Georgian wine continued to climb. The U.S. now consistently achieves one of the highest average ex cellar prices for Georgian wine worldwide. 

Former Head of Marketing & PR of the Georgian National Wine Agency, Mr. Irakli Cholobargia — who selected and  partnered with Marq Wine Group over the last six years – notes: “Julie and her team applied methods of continual communication, amplification, and improvement, and the needle started to move right way.  

From the sampling system to the consolidated shipping program, Marq removed market barriers for Georgian wine producers and created a systematic pathway for growth. We trusted the strategy, coordinated with the team on the execution, and the results prove that their system works.”

Peterson explains: “The key to developing sustained export growth to the U.S. market — for Georgia and other  regions — is to 1) position the category so the wines overdeliver for the price, 2) create an integrated strategy and  execute it consistently over a period time, and 3) systematically cultivate relationships and educate along the  supply chain. When you build consistent presence, you build significance. We created a system for Georgia that  synchronized the supply chain from the producer through to the restaurant or retailer in order to build  momentum. Our methodology is proven and is reflected in the success of Georgia, the Provence region, etc.” 

Marq Wine Group works with strategic partners Deussen Global PR and Taylor Parsons of Whole Cluster. Christine  Deussen, president of Deussen Global Communications, comments: “One million bottles is a huge deal in  Georgia. We saw the effects of the economic development generated by access to this market every time we  visited, which was and is deeply satisfying and heartwarming for us.” In Parson’s words: “The continued volume  growth we have seen in Georgian imports is fantastic, but the real story is the nature of that growth, which is built  on a foundation of real education and sustained exposure in critical areas of the market. This is the type of real  engagement that will continue to pay dividends in the years to come.” 

Marq Wine Group, known for its success in building value and volume for wine regions, partnered with Wines of  Provence to grow the region’s wine exports to the U.S from 300,000 liters in 2008 to more than 20 million by  2017. Meanwhile, the average bottle cost paralleled this success, achieving sustained growth and bringing the  market value from $3.4 million to $132 million in that same period.  

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