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Vicard Generation 7 Further Expands Tannin Selection Range with “Seduction”


A Unique Blend of French and European Oak at a Competitive Price

NAPA, Jan 19th, 2022 — The Vicard Group is proud to announce a new tannin selection range using a blend of French and European Oak. The new range, “Seduction” offers the precision of tannin selection, unique toasts, and reproducible profiles at a competitive overall cost.  

Controlling tannins, lactones and toasted notes during coopering is extremely difficult to achieve.  Today, Vicard Generation 7 is the only cooperage in the world to scan every stave for tannin level using NIRS and toasts with a patented, radiant heat system controlled by computers and accurate to +/-3˚C.  This state-of the-art system achieves the most reproducible and reliable barrel in the industry.   

As with the highly regarded 100% French Oak range, “Seduction” barrels are coopered to low, medium or high tannin and the extensive selection of toasting options, including the ultra-low toasts yielding zero toasted notes, are available.   The tannin selection range also includes weOAK tank staves and barrel inserts, to give winemakers a full range of precision oak products to meet any enological need or price point.  

If you would like more information or would like to see the full list of barrel, tank and oak adjunct options, please visit www.vicardg7.com.

About Vicard Generation 7 

Jean-Charles Vicard founded Vicard Generation 7 in 2010 with the goal of understanding and controlling all variables in the coopering process.  Drawing on 6 generations of oak expertise, paired with strong winery partnerships around the world, VICARD Generation 7 honors the next generation of coopers with a completely new approach regarding wood analysis, selection and toasting and now leads the coopering industry with innovation, reproducibility, and eco-responsibility. 

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