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The Better Half Wines Are Back! Boutique Marlborough Winery Releases 2021 Sauvignon Blanc with New Label Redesign

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Winemaker George Elworthy’s Better Half wines pay homage to his “two loves:” wife, Jules Taylor, and vintage aircraft

January 18, 2022 (Marlborough, New Zealand) – The Better Half Wines are ringing in the new year with a label redesign and the new 2021 vintage release of The Better Half Sauvignon Blanc. Grown and made in Marlborough, New Zealand, The Better Half wines embody the wildly creative spirit of winemaker, part-time pilot, amateur aircraft restorer and avid mountain biker George Elworthy. “That’s all a bit hard to fit on a business card,” according to George, who cheekily named his wines “The Better Half,” as a shout-out to his friendly rivalry with wife and business partner, winemaker Jules Taylor.

“We have sold The Better Half Wines to friends in the States for some time now, but we have mostly kept under the radar,” said Winemaker/Owner George Elworthy. “It felt like the time had come to freshen up the look, and for me to step out from behind the desk and tell the story of these wines and the vineyards behind them. We pour our love for the land and the fruit we grow into creating wines to share amidst the banter and laughter with friends and family. However you share, slurp or sip, we invite you to raise a glass, then relax and enjoy.”

The redesigned label of The Better Half features two birds, representing George and Jules: the eagle is George, a daring risk-taker who is always looking to the future, while the dove is Jules, the peacemaker of the family known for her more cautious, meticulous approach. Together, they make an unflappable, formidable team who complement each other perfectly. George and Jules dared to dream big and now they fly high with a successful stable of world-class wines tucked under their wings. The stylized birds also capture George’s passion for aviation, with embossed, riveted details that recall vintage aircraft.

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