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Create Innovative and Exciting Packaging Using Screen Printed Labels


Come and check out the latest examples of our work showcasing how designers and marketers are using screen printed labels to create innovative and exciting packages that stand out on the shelf.

We’ll be showcasing a wide range of design options for screen printed labels. Highlighted techniques include full wrap printing along with neck and shoulder printing.

Review the wide range of ink choices from our extensive color library in ceramic, precious metal and UV formulations.

Monvera Glass Décor
Unified Symposium Booth: 1814

Your label has a powerful influence on buying behavior. Monvera Glass Décor provides unique bottle decoration options that support your brand identity. We specialize in screen printed labels on glass and by offering our customers the option of either ceramic, precious metal or UV inks we can customize a solution for your brand’s unique requirements.

Screen printed labels offer a variety of design options that are expensive to achieve with paper labels. Suitable for all segments of the wine market, a screen printed label supports the price point for ultra premium wines and can also differentiate value wines by making the bottle stand out on the retail shelf.

So instead of using paper labels, elevate your brand and have your label screen printed by Monvera Glass Décor. Whether you want to refresh a current brand or launch a new one, screen printed labels will make your bottle stand out. It’s your alternative to paper labels.

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