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Unveiling New Winery Equipment and New Advancements in Precision Viticulture


Come see the latest innovations from Pellenc at our booth! We’re unveiling new winery equipment and new advancements in precision viticulture with Pellenc Connect!

Pellenc Connect allows you to precisely map vineyard yield and plant vigor, along with remote diagnostics and tool controls paving the way for full harvester fleet management.

Pellenc Connect also integrates the latest generation of Smart Press with remotely accessible pressing curves, as well as integrating into Pellenc tank control systems with density curves and temperature monitoring.

Come be one of the first to see the latest equipment and innovations in the industry!

Pellenc America
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Pellenc Groupe was created in 1973 by Roger Pellenc and his partners in Pertuis, France. Today Pellenc employs over 1500 people and has 18 Subsidiaries worldwide. Innovation is a primary focus of the Pellenc Groupe Culture with over 120 Engineers on staff and over 10M Euro invested annually in R&D.

Pellenc Groupe designs, innovates, manufactures and distributes Industry Leading Grape Harvesters, Multifunction tractors and attachments designed to lower your farming costs and increase your profits. The Multifunction Tools are designed and manufactured by the Pellenc Groupe to install onto our Optimum Series tractors and In-the-Row brand tractors with our Multiviti Frame.

At the USA Headquarters located in Santa Rosa, California our primary focus is vineyards & wineries. Throughout North America we provide Sales, Service and Parts from each location with Mobile Service Technicians to maintain your equipment in the most critical time of the year!

We provide equipment sales for the Pellenc Optimum tractor Family of Multifunction tractors, Selectiv Process Harvest Heads, EOLE Multirow Sprayers, Twin Row 3 Point Hitches & Spreaders, and Battery-powered hand tools. We also have tools that attach to our Multifunction Front Arm such as: Prepruners, Precision Pruners, Leaf Removers, Multirow Trimmers and Wire Lifters.

We feature our Industry Leading Mechanical Destemming and Optical Sorting equipment with our proven Selectiv Process Winery equipment, our industry leading Vision Optical Sorter. With the acquisition of Pera by the Pellenc Groupe in 2014 we feature an exciting new PELLENC-PERA Oenoprocess equipment. The PELLENC-PERA Oenoprocess equipment includes industry leading presses ranging from 20 HL to 600 HL, Thermovinification equipment, as well as a range of Flash Détente systems. Find out more information about Pellenc America by visiting our website pellencus.com

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