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Showcasing Two New Services: Grape Powdery Mildew Spore Trap Network, Real Time Grape Leaf Temperature Monitoring

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Coastal Viticultural Consultants (CVC) offers various professional, technical services for the viticulture industry.

The  Grape Powdery Mildew (GPM) Spore Trap Network and app allows growers to monitor, 24/7, dispersed, aerial spores (specifically, GPM) that enter their vineyard and from other regional vineyards also participating in the network.  With the app, growers have access to GPM information 24/7 on their mobile device.  The monitoring service and network operate from early spring until veraison, and presents data in easy to read graphs.  With this service growers can better quantify overall GPM infection risk, and identify mildew “hot spots” before visual symptoms and damage occur.  Data from the GPM spore trap can provide a heads-up if treatment or material resistance is occurring in a vineyard.  Additionally, with this service growers can benefit soil health by eliminating needless treatment passes through the field. Less passes, particularly in wetter soils, can reduce the occurrence of soil compaction thereby reducing soil compacting activities that can improve soil and vineyard health.   Further benefits of the (GPM) Spore Trap service include prioritizing areas that need GPM treatments, scheduling typical vineyard activities (i.e., shoot thinning and leafing that have an impact on GPM) that can provide for more efficient movement of equipment and personnel, and help evaluate the effectiveness of the existing GPM treatment program and offer possible solutions for corrective field actions.

The Real Time Grape Water Stress and leaf temperature monitoring is a 24/7 measure of leaf temperature and leaf vapor pressure deficit (VPD) data collected from an array of sensors placed in multiple vine canopies.  CVC’s Leaf VPD system is not a model or calculation that relies on other equations, ratios or estimates to approximate plant stress, but is real time field data.  This service provides the field data 24/7 via your laptop, and can be very effective in fine tuning water use and irrigation needs to optimize grape production goals.  CVC’s patent pending technology is like having pressure chamber or porometer reading 24 hours a day every 20 minutes.  The service includes graphical presentation of the data.  This allows growers to know how much water stress your vineyard is experiencing, how long each day your vineyard is under water stress, and many days or hours irrigations last before the water stress returns without relying solely on general evapotranspiration data (ET).

Coastal Viticultural Consultants
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Coastal Viticultural Consultants (CVC) is a company of professional, certified Soils Scientists and Viticulturists that has served the viticulture industry for 30+ years.  Coastal Viticultural Consultants has a proven track record that places CVC as a leader in the viticulture industry.  Coastal Viticultural Consultants, Inc. provides an array of technical services to the viticulture and related industries.  Coastal Viticultural Consultants is proud of the long term relationships with clientele. As growers, owners, and managers of vineyards, CVC employs the technologies we developed to improve our own vineyard practices and to help our clients achieve their production goals, sustainability, and more effective use of resources.

Visit us at coastalvit.com

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