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MWC & Factory Detroit Team Up for Michigan Grapes & Wine!

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January 11th – The Michigan Wine Collaborative (MWC) is the non-profit voice of the Michigan wine industry. Run, driven, and funded by members and volunteers, all of our member dues go back into projects aimed at propelling the Michigan wine industry. The Michigan Wine Collaborative is committed to the expansion of the MI wine industry by reaching new markets, supporting education, research, and workforce development, and making sure the world knows that Michigan wine is for everyone.

In pursuit of that mission, MWC applied for and has been awarded the 2021 USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant aimed at creating a unified brand image for the entire Michigan wine industry. This grant intends to create and circulate a cohesive brand image in order to sustain and increase grape sales and production in the state of Michigan.

Partnering with the Michigan Wine Collaborative is Factory Detroit, Inc., a Royal Oak-based advertising and design firm founded by Mark Lantz, one of the creators of the state’s groundbreaking Pure Michigan marketing campaign.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Michigan’s wine industry on this initiative,” Lantz said. “Agriculture is vital to this state’s economy. Helping shine a light on Michigan’s vineyards, wineries and wines can make a difference statewide. And it’s a great excuse for enjoying the excellent product our wine industry creates. Not that we really need one.”

Brian Lillie of Chateau Chantal and the MWC Marketing & Communications Chair has been the driving force behind this important initiative. “The time is now for Michigan Wine. It’s time to share fruitful stories from our industry’s work…from budbreak to bottle where our one-of-a-kind landscape has produced amazing fruit cultivated from the hands of the farmer, tamed and crafted through the hands of the winemaker, and ready to be enjoyed for all of its amazing graces on the palates of the consumer.” Lillie says.

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