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Afternoon Brief, January 4th

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Sonoma County Winemaking Club Hit with COVID Outbreak
By the time Dec. 11 rolled around, the Garage Enologists of Sonoma County were a bit starved for normalcy. The well-established amateur winemaking club had conducted most of its monthly meetings via Zoom since the start of the pandemic…
M. A. Silva USA
Wine’s Most Inspiring People: Marty Clubb—Co-Owner, L’Ecole No. 41
Ask Marty Clubb how a one-time corporate financial analyst ended up running a top-notch, highly-respected Washington state winery—for some 30 years, no less—and he pauses for a moment…
Red wine
Signup: 2022 SVB State of the Industry Report
In 2020 with tasting rooms and restaurants closed or restricted, wine sales moved into the grocery and drug channel. With the reopening of restaurants and tasting rooms in 2021, sales moved back to the old channels – but that doesn’t mean the business environment was the same as it was before the pandemic…
Gleason Family Vineyards Buys Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard
Gleason Family Vineyards has announced its acquisition of Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard, a 106-acre property on Alamo Pintado Road in Solvang…
New and Classic Low-No Alcohol Wines—Just in Time for Moderate January
Four California Wineries Where Wine and Wellness Go Hand in Hand
Registration Is Open for the 2022 Oregon Wine Symposium
Texas Wines Show Strength at Out-of-State Competitions
Guest View: Time for Delaware to Join 47 States That Allow Wine Shipping
Could Champagne Lose Its Sparkle as American Bubbles Rise?
Bordeaux Creates a New Multi-Dimensional Wine Event
Race to Buy Fine Wine Speeds Up as Climate Concerns Grow
Portugal’s Douro Superior Region Takes Its Time
Irish Wine Drinkers Face Minimum $8.36 Price Tag for a Bottle
Murrumbateman Vineyards Severely Damaged, Stripped of Leaves and Fruit in Destructive Hailstorm
6 Wine Industry Trends to Watch in 2022
A Toast to Ferrari Trento & the Year of Sparkling Wine
Which Countries Prefer Organic Wine?
Is Your Wine Club Keeping Up with Modern Subscription Models?
Could Fortified Wines Be Michigan’s Answer to Climate Change?
Wine Industry Advisor
Advertising Sales Executive
Majoring in Wine DBA Capiche – Anywhere, Remote
Business Development Representative
Vinebase – Anywhere, Remote
Procurement Lead
Underground Cellar – American Canyon, CA, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
Napa Winemaker Produces Platinum’s Top Wine at Chris Daniel Winery
Interview: Treasury Americas’ John Wardley on the Growth of 19 Crimes
How Ms. Franky Marshall Became the Unofficial Ambassador for Cognac’s Fortified Wine Pineau des Charentes
Q&A: How Constellation Brands Plans to Reshape Its Wine Portfolio
Tribute Paid to Franciacorta Wine Pioneer Franco Ziliani
Wine Industry Network
Amcor Impressions at Waterloo Container
Oak Recycling
How to Handle the Ever Changing OSHA COVID Rules
Controlling Those Pesky Pests and Debilitating Diseases in Your Vineyard
More Supplier News
Stella Rosa Joins the Non-Alcoholic Wine Category with Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholics
Champagnes Feuillatte and Castelnau Join Together as ‘Terroirs & Vignerons de Champagne’
Bodegas Montecillo Boasts 150 Years of Authenticity and Looks Ahead to Future of Winemaking
The Fight Against Climate Change in the Vineyard Begins Beneath the Soil
The Differences Between Wild and Cultivated Yeast, Explained
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