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Growers Now Have Access to AI Technology for Predicting and Addressing Microclimate Weather Risks with Agrology’s New Extreme Weather Alerts


Agrology takes Predictive Agriculture to the next level, allowing farmers to predict extreme weather, smoke taint, and irrigation via one easy-to-use mobile app

Agrology Full Solution with Screen ShotSonoma, CA, December 8, 2021—Agrology, the leading Predictive Agricultural company, today unveiled a new Extreme Weather Alert feature that applies machine learning (ML) to ground truth data collected by Agrology sensors and public weather data. Agrology now offers a cost-effective system for farmers to plan for and mitigate the threats posed by changing weather patterns, smoke taint, irrigation, and climate change.

Agrology’s new Extreme Weather Alert feature addresses the unique conditions of each field, where temperatures can fluctuate from block to block, acre to acre. Today, many growers rely on local weather data or a single weather station positioned in one location across thirty to hundreds of acres. In reality, especially for specialty crops, the land is nuanced — topography, row orientation and much more can impact the air temperature of a field or vineyard. A single-point weather station simply doesn’t provide enough detail to help growers target their actual problem areas and get ahead of issues with the most efficient use of resources possible. 

“As climate change increases the frequency of wildfires, droughts and heatwaves, farmers need tools that are easy to access, cost effective and allow them to take action. We built Agrology for that very reason,” said Tyler Locke, CTO at Agrology. “Through an easy to use mobile app interface, Agrology now includes a predictive weather model that gives growers advance notice, via push notifications, so they can take action and mitigate risks on weather, smoke, irrigation and more.”

Agrology’s solution relies on installing smaller nodes directly in the row at a higher density, which enables the system to better identify temperature differentials. Agrology begins by tracking the standard temperature differentials in each zone and overtime build predictions, giving farmers 3-7 days of advance notice when microclimates could change. The Agrology app sends farmers notifications on their mobile devices, pinpointing the exact locations at risk and allowing farmers to take action ahead of time.

For example, if the Agrology system detects an upcoming heat event within a nano-climate of a field, an Agrology user receives an alert on their mobile phone in advance. This means a grower has time to determine if misters should be turned on, and, in a world where water is becoming more scarce, the grower can potentially save resources. There is no need to mist the whole field but rather a subset, as detected by the Agrology system. Because the Agrology system is based on machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it learns from ongoing data, identifies patterns, makes forecasts and recommendations. As more data comes in, the Agrology forecast capabilities become more robust, allowing the predictions and information to increase and advance. Agrology’s system includes data on nano-climates, regions, soil types and weather patterns, making it more accurate in indicating climate risks down to the microclimate. 

“Tyler and I spent years developing a system that would actually work for farmers,” said Adam Koeppel, CEO of Agrology. “Our system predicts and tracks incredibly detailed information in a way that is cost-effective, easy to install, and specifically catered for unique conditions of many specialty crops.”

The Agrology sensor nodes can be installed in less than 10 minutes and users alway have access to their data through the app, even when their phone is off network in a field. In addition, data refreshes every 30 minutes and Agrology models curate intuitive and easy to implement alerts and insights that are sent directly to the mobile app. Agrology customers own and control their data, enabling them to put their farm’s data to work for their business. 

Pricing, Subscriptions & Installation

Agrology offers an annual subscription that can be paid annually or monthly. For the first time, farmers can monitor their acres for the cost of a Netflix subscription. The subscription includes the installation and replacement of all sensors, real-time monitoring, and secure access to a farm’s data via the Agrology mobile app. Anyone interested in getting started with Agrology can email the team at [email protected] or visit Agrology.ag/contact.

About Agrology

Agrology develops predictive agriculture technologies to help growers maximize profits with minimal input costs and environmental impact. Founded in 2019, Agrology’s predictive agriculture platform combines proprietary, affordable sensor arrays with machine learning to provide actionable insights and trends via a mobile application. Agrology is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to focusing on protecting the economic viability of our farmers and the sustainability of our planet. The company’s strategic partners include The National Science Foundation, UC Davis College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, and Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Agrology has offices in Alexandria, Virginia, and Sonoma, California, and can be found online at Agrology.ag.

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