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Taylor Fladgate Releases 1971 Single Harvest Port

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Eighth in a Series of Rare Ports Released by One of World’s Oldest Port Houses

NEW YORK, December 1, 2021 – Taylor Fladgate, the esteemed Port house founded in 1692, has announced the release of its 1971 Single Harvest Porto ($395 SRP; 20% ABV), the latest vintage release from the house’s extensive reserves of very old cask aged Ports. Each year, Taylor Fladgate announces a limited release of a single harvest Port made 50 years previously, with the eighth in the series being the 1971 Single Harvest. Taylor Fladgate 1971 Single Harvest Port is available nationwide in the U.S. at fine wine retailers.

“The 1971 Single Harvest Port is representative of a harvest that produced supple, elegant wines more suited for long term aging in cask,” says CEO of The Fladgate Partnership Adrian Bridge. “After five decades of aging, the 1971 Single Harvest Port is wonderfully complete and multidimensional, with a seductive nose that points to the wine’s symmetry and poise. Our team is excited to release this rare, exceptional single harvest Port from our reserves.” 

Taylor Fladgate is considered by many to be an archetypal Port house known for its dedication to quality Port production throughout its 329-year history, and ownership of the three grade-A Duoro vineyards of Quinta de Vargellas, Quinta de Terra Feita and Quinta do Junco.

Taylor Fladgate 1971 Single Harvest Port – (20% ABV, 750 ml, $395 SRP)

Tasting Notes

  • Medium tawny-brown hue gradually fading to a broad rim of pale amber. Warm mellow notes of black coffee, molasses and marzipan blend with dried fig, sultana and woody notes of cigar box and cedar. Subtle hints of tobacco leaf faded rose petal and black tea as well as spicy aromas of black pepper and scents of orange flower combine to give the wine an attractive aromatic character. The overall effect is surprisingly light and ethereal, intense but never overwhelming. The impression of lightness continues into the palate. Its roundness and silky texture are balanced by a fresh, perfectly integrated acidity which provides an attractive lift to the long, mellow finish. Elegance and equilibrium are the hallmarks of this very fine aged tawny in which multiple layers and dimensions of aroma and flavor combine in perfect harmony.

The winter preceding the 1971 harvest was slightly drier than average with around 13 inches of rain recorded at Pinhão. Spring and early summer were relatively cool and poor berry set was reported in some areas resulting in reduced yields. August was a dry month but, unusually for the Douro Valley, there were no prolonged periods of intense heat. As a result, the grapes ripened slowly and gradually and by the normal harvest time in mid-September the crop was still far from mature. The vintage finally began on October 15, the latest starting date since 1909. As dry conditions had continued throughout September the grapes were generally in good condition. Winemakers’ notes report that the musts were not as intense and deeply colored as usual but displayed attractive aromas and excellent acidity.

For more information on Taylor Fladgate, visit  taylor.pt/us, or follow @taylorsportwine on Instagram.

About Taylor Fladgate:

Taylor Fladgate is one of the first historic Port wine lodges, having been established in 1692. A family company since its foundation, it has been dedicated exclusively to the production of high-quality Port wines, from the planting of the vine and harvesting the grapes for fermentation, ageing and bottling of the various styles of Port wine. The family’s commitment to the future of Port wine is also demonstrated in its determination to preserve and, where appropriate, improve the unique environmental, social, and economic aspects of the Douro region through the promotion of sustainable viticulture. Taylor Fladgate is mainly recognised as a benchmark for Vintage Port, its classic Vintages attracting the highest scores and auction prices. Known for their elegance, longevity and distinctive scented character, they are blended from the finest wines of three of the firm’s own ‘quintas’ or estates Quinta de Vargellas, Quinta da Terra Feita and Quinta do Junco. The house was the creator of the modern LBV (Late Bottled Vintage), a style pioneered by Taylor Fladgate, and it is the most sought-after brand of LBV. The house also pioneered the first Dry White Port with the launch of Chip Dry and Taylor Fladgate was the first to commercialize of the Single Quinta Vintages. Taylor Fladgate is also recognized as the most important producer of Aged Tawnies and has one of the most extensive reserves of cask aged Port wines. For more information, please visit Taylor Fladgate.

About Kobrand Corporation

Founded in 1944, Kobrand Corporation remains one of the few family-owned wine and spirits companies in the United States. Kobrand’s portfolio was meticulously selected according to a single, unerring principle: quality. This continued focus has made the Kobrand name synonymous with wines and spirits of the highest caliber for 75 years. Kobrand is the exclusive agent for an outstanding selection of fine wines, spirits, and sakes from key regions around the world, including the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand. For more information about Kobrand and the portfolio visit http://www.Kobrandwineandspirits.com.

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