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OtterBox Redefines Wine Shipping with Thermally Performant, Reusable Liviri Containers


OtterBox is known for its high-quality product engineering, and its newest innovation is the thermally performant Liviri container series designed to safely, sustainably move wine shipping from seasonal to year-round. The new Liviri Vino 6-bottle, hard-sided wine boxes keep wine at safe temperatures for five days while shipping ground transit through even the hottest and coldest months.

Liviri is designed with a circular mindset for maximum sustainability. Wineries ship premium wine in its temperature safeguarding, vacuum-insulated shippers, and consumers simply apply the return label provided and return the box directly to the sender. Wineries can reuse each box for up to two years, which Liviri estimates to be 40 uses. Wineries can also personalize the box with full-color 3M vinyl stickers, add marketing materials, or even choose a box color that reflects their brand.

Not only can wineries move their wine clubs beyond seasonal quarterly shipments, allowing members to buy wine and have it shipped to them at any time, but the circular benefit can become part of their marketing strategy. As consumers increasingly demand more sustainable packaging solutions, they often make decisions based on how their purchases will impact the environment. With Liviri Vino6, wineries can tout the reduction in environmental impact on greenhouse gasses and pollutants — a benefit achieved by moving from air to ground transport. And, because Liviri has partnered with ground shipment services like UPS and FedEx to ensure the new boxes are certified to move smoothly through their automated systems, there are no special handling fees typically incurred by non-cardboard shipping.

In addition to closing the shipping loop, Liviri has factored sustainability into the vacuum-insulated panels used for cooling. Its high R-value of 40 per square inch (psi) requires much less insulating material and zero corresponding packaging waste compared to commonly used Styrofoam packaging, which has a R-value of 4.5 psi. Liviri’s reusable box and ice-pack system are environmentally preferable to single-use styrofoam and corrugate, plus the box and inserts are recyclable at end-of-life.

With Liviri, wineries can now enhance their sustainability messaging and increase sales and customer satisfaction by shipping at any time of the year to any location in North America — no matter the season or temperature. Liviri’s business development, product and engineering teams partner with you every step of the way to meet your operations, financial and customer satisfaction goals.

Stop by the Liviri booth to see Liviri Vino6 and talk to Chad Vandermolen or Andrew Norton about how this innovative shipping solution can work for you.

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