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Pneumatage is a large bubble air/gas mixing process developed by Pulsair Systems in 1986. Similar to a reverse punch-down or in-tank pump-over, it is exclusively designed to pump red wine up into and over the top of buoyant red grape skins during fermentation during in cap mixing session. The process utilizes the sequential injection of large compressed air or gas bubbles released into the bottom of the fermentation tank. The fast, rising air pulses completely separate the grape cap into individual berries to enhanced infusion of phenolics, flavor, aromatics, tannins and color. This gentle mixing process also helps significantly reduce labor costs, reduce energy consumption, reduce sanitation and increase efficiency.

Pulsair Systems, Inc.
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The Pulsair Pneumatage air mixing process allows winemaking teams to utilize the equipment year-round for any type of fast, gentle homogenous tank mixing for finished wines or any type of blending. Additionally, Pulsair can be used at the end of fermentation to rapidly accelerate the devatting of must and juice from the fermentation tank and pump all the contents to the press where the free-run juice can be collected.

Pulsair can be used in any size tank: barrel, 1-2 macro bins, any size tank, any number of tanks and super large fermentation tanks over 450-tons.

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