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Innerstave Promotes Cody Ewers to VP Global Sales & Marketing to Help Beverage Producers Improve Quality, Reduce Costs and Lower Environmental Impact


November 18, 2021 – Sonoma, CA Innerstave announced the promotion of Cody Ewers to VP of Global Sales & Marketing. Ewers previously served as Innerstave’s US Sales & Marketing Director reporting directly to President Steve Dorfman. He will continue to do so as he manages the global sales and marketing strategies for Innerstave beyond the US.

“After working alongside Cody for almost two years, there is no one I enjoy working with more and no one better equipped to help lead Innerstave well into the future.” said Dorfman. “Cody’s rare combination of energy, industry, product knowledge and passion, is and will be, a force to be reckoned with now and for years to come. He is a leader the industry needs, and I am glad he is a member of our team here at Innerstave”

In his previous role at Innerstave, Ewers helped Dorfman usher in a new era for the company with a fresh brand identity, new company culture and a revitalized commitment to innovation for the more than 40-year-old company. He also oversaw all domestic sales efforts and assisted in evaluating and forming new strategic partnerships.

“I am delighted to represent Innerstave and feel very proud to have this new opportunity to continue to work with incredible products and people,” said Ewers. “Innerstave’s deep roots in the beverage industries combined with our insatiable desire for innovation sets the table for us to help our customers improve quality, reduce costs and lower our collective environmental impact.”

When not helping customers with their oak complement solutions, Ewers produces his own wine label under The Preamble Wine Company and plays ice hockey at a few local rinks.

About Innerstave

For more than forty years, Innerstave has helped beverage producers around the world enhance the color, mouthfeel, structure, and aromatic complexity of their beverages through oak barrel alternatives. Winemakers, Brewers and Distillers across the world have used Innerstave products and services for decades to improve their products as well as reduce new barrel expenses by taking wood to their beverages rather than their beverages to wood.

Today Innerstave combines a range of services and products beyond the industry standard line of oak barrel alternatives to include Accuro Micro-oxygenation devices and Fiber Infusion Technology.

In the Spirits world, Innerstave has developed a proprietary strategy for rapid aging young make using a combination of micro-oxygenation and new oak barrel alternatives. This process has been proven to accelerate the natural reactions that occur in barrel over many years to replicate years-old whiskey aged in barrels in a matter of weeks. Innerstave’s system also allows for customized oak stave combinations to further control the end flavor profile, which drives intense brand differentiation in the very much saturated whiskey marketplace.

In this way, Innerstave’s Oak Complements cut down the need for new barrels which helps beverage producers reduce their environmental impact, lowers costs of production, and increases the amount of consistency, quality, and control for the beverage professional.

In 1979, Innerstave was created by one simple idea: build a system to replenish premium wine oak barrel flavors without needing to purchase new barrels every year. The company is responsible for an entire industry of new barrel oak alternatives, also known as oak adjuncts, oak alternatives, oak add-ins™, oak integration systems, oak infusion products and oak complements.

Visit their website to learn more at www.innerstave.com or call them for more information at (707) 996-8781.

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