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Increase Energy Costs and Reduce Water Availability with Production Automation


Increasing energy costs, reduced water availability, and labor headwinds combined present ample reason to explore production automation. Unlike most winery operations automation platforms, VinWizard has been designed specifically for wine production and has refined it’s capabilities over the past quarter century! VinWizard currently operates in some of the largest wineries in the world as well as boutique, luxury tier producers. Our subscription based platform allows wineries to benefit from improved efficiencies on the production floor without massive capital outlays.  

VinWizard integrates with production software like InnoVint and Vintrace and is also capable of communicating with any PLC regardless of manufacturer.  If there is an on/off switch or data point you’d like to capture, VinWizard can do it. Want to manage your operations from home, VinWizard can do it. Bottom line, VinWizard is capable of automating any aspect of your winery production or field data collection and we can do it better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else.

If you’ve thought automation was off-limits due to price or complexity, you may have been correct when considering other options. With VinWizard, we can help you automate if you have five tanks or 500. Satisfaction guaranteed and we do what is right by our customers!

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VinWizard owners and employees have all worked in wine production.  We have all experienced lagging response times and less than optimal outcomes from vendors who don’t have customer’s interests in mind.  With our subscription based way of doing business, we will only be successful if our customers engage with us for long term partnerships.  We measure our success by our customer’s satisfaction.  VinWizard is the automation solution wineries choose to replace competing offerings, not the other way around!

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